Cloudy (Cloudy) Analysis of Name:  Cloudy

Basic Trait:  considerate, thoughtful

Analysis:  Although your name creates the urge to be creative and original, we emphasize that it causes a superior, interfering expression whose favorite expression is "I know."

* However, there is a tendency to assume too heavy a burden of responsibility for others, which leads to worry and undue concern.
* People with problems are drawn to you as they recognize you as one who has understanding and gives not only sympathy and comfort but provides also some constructive advice or assistance.
* You have a generous quality to your nature, but you must guard carefully against giving more than you receive or you will find yourself doing without because you have helped someone else.
* Your name has many sterling qualities but does not give you an overall stability.

Possibly negative point:  uncooperative, unhelpful, combative

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