Alyssa (Alyssa) Analysis of Name:  Alyssa

Basic Trait:  caring

Analysis:  Although your name creates an interest in the deeper aspects of life, we emphasize that it limits self-expression and friendly congeniality with a moody disposition.

* Despite your loyalty to friends, your communication at times is stilted, too candid, and frank.
* Your first name creates the urge to be creative and original, but we point out that it limits your versatility and scope, tuning you to technical details.
* Your name has created a most expressive nature, idealistic and inspirational, driven with a strong inner urge to be of service in some way that would uplift humanity as a whole.
* However, there is a tendency to assume too heavy a burden of responsibility for others, which leads to worry and undue concern.

Possibly negative point:  rejects change

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