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Fart Types 1. Disgusting Farts while walking up crowded stairs.
2. Canine Stops, raises right leg, farts, and keeps walking.
3. Damned Mean Farts in bed and pulls cover over girlfriend's head.
4. Playful Likes to fart in bathtub, watches bubbles.
5. Conceited Thinks their farts don't smell.
6. Contentious Thinks they can fart the loudest.
7. Sneaky Farts loudly then looks around to assign blame.
8. Scientific Bottles their farts.

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   Fart Types

9. Sociable Apologizes for their farts.
10.Roudy Farts silently in crowd, then yells 'Who the hell shit'.
11.Real Sneaky Farts silently, then blames waitress after order is taken at restaurant.
12.Efficient Waits till they have to piss, then pisses and farts at the same time.
13.Investigative Tries to guess what was eaten by smelling others' farts.
14.Smart Alec Jumps in front of you to fart. 15.Irreverant Farts silently in church, looks innocent.
16.Amicable Always ready for a fart. 17.Sacramental Always places hand over ass while farting.
18.Unlucky Thinks he has to fart, shits in pants instead.
19.Sociopathic Farts in elevator.
20.Worried Thinks he can fart but can't.
21.Disappointed Thinks the has to shit, farts instead.
22.Honest Admits it was the dog that farted. 23.Secretive Slowly fizzles in crowd, watches for reaction.
24.Musical Tries to fart long times on toilet, creating symphony.
25.Militant Releases smelly farts to get ahead in long lines.
26.Innocent Always being blamed for others farts.
27.Carefree Farts loudly on important phone call.
28.Thoughtful Always farts while downwind.
29.Timid Jumps when they fart.
30.Puritanical Always ready with can of air freshener if someone farts.
31.Tricky Farts in car, blames mother in law.

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