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Geeks Brain Functioning About Girls Geeks are weird and most of them not interested in half of the human species - women. But if they are, this is how they process the sight of a beautiful woman, in sequential order:

1. Is the face symmetrical about the nasal septum (i.e. the y-axis)? Are the proportions of (a) width of the mouth to the width of the cheek, (b) width of the nose to the width of the cheek, and (c) width of the nose to the width of the mouth approximately equal?

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   Geeks Brain Functioning About Girls

2. Do the boobs conform to an oblate spheroid or prolate spheroid? Shape matters more than size. Is the ratio of the height of the boobs to the radius of the hemi-spheroid base (sag coefficient) more than unity?

3. Is the flattening of the butt, measured by 2 sin2(a/2) (where a is the angular eccentricity measured from the pelvic bone) somewhere between 0.2 - 0.6?

This is how geek male brain works.

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