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World's WORST PASSWORD's list And password "123456" is on Top!

Do you want to know the World's Worst passwords list of all time? OK, GigglePEDIA just acquired it so you are in the right place!

Well hackers are everywhere on the net and recently, one of the popular Internet forum was hacked by a hacker who had stolen almost 20,000 usernames and passwords and then after released them to the public, giving us an idea how ridiculously easy passwords people use.

According to one of the surveys conducted by recently, the worst password used by most of the internet users is "123456" followed by "password" in the second place.

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   World's WORST PASSWORD's list

Other popular choices include:

666666 : Six Sixes
7777777 : Seven Sevens
ncc1701 : Ship number of Starship Enterprise
and even words like batman, bond007, cocacola made it to the list.

Interesting Facts:
* Almost 1 out of 9 people use at least one of the passwords mentioned on the below list.
* Almost 1 out of 50 people uses one of the top 20 worst passwords on the below list
* According the the survey by Digital Communications agency @www , an average adult human being had as many as 15 passwords to remember
* About 61% of the People use the same passwords for as many different accounts as possible in order to easily remember it and make life easier

So, here is the Top 500 Worst Passwords List :

If your password is there in the list, you should change it asap.

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