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Weird Men & Women Men are weird because...

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   Weird Men & Women

-If you kiss him, you're easy, if you don't you're too cold.

-If you see him too often, you're desperate, if you don't, you're not interested.

-If you're jealous, you put too much pressure on him, if you don't, he is free to meet other women.

-If you're late, he gets angry, if he's late, it's OK, but you're just impatient.

-If you see another man, that's bad, if he sees a woman, they're just friends.

-If you talk, you talk too much, if you listen, it's always not enough.

Women are weird because...

-If you kiss her, you're rude, if you don't you're not a man.

-If you agree with her, she does whatever she wants with you, if you don't, you don't understand her.

-If you see her too often, you're boring, if you don't, you're not interested.

-If you wear nice clothes, you see other women, if you don't, you don't care about her.

-If you're jealous, she says it's bad, if you're not, you don't love her.

-If you talk, she just wants you to listen, if you listen, she wants you to talk.

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