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Chocolate and Aztech chocolate was originally from meso america. The Aztecs used the beans as a currency and only the royalty consumed it. It was a drink that was spicy. chocolate was only sweetened when it was brought to europe.

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   Chocolate and Aztech

The Aztecs were named Aztecs by the Spaniards. They called themselves Mexicans, the 'x' in mexican was originally pronounced 'sh.' The name Aztec originally came from the name of the Aztec mythical homeland of Aztlan. Which is said to be the southwestern united states (that's why chicano activists during the 60's said they were taking back Aztlan)

The Aztecs were said to have moved from Aztlan south. when they reached a Mayan city they asked the ruler if they could have one of his daughters so that they could start a royal line of their own. The ruler abliged and gave them one of his daughters. The Aztecs were kicked out of the city quickly after that when the king found they had sacrificed his daughter and their head priest was wearing her skin. ( they then supposedly moved on to the lake that is where Mexico city is and found a sign that they should settle there. the sign was an eagle with a snake in it's mouth, which is still on the Mexican flag today)

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