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WAYS TO TURN MEN DOWN HIM: Can I buy you a drink?
HER: Actually I'd rather have the money.

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HIM: I'm a photographer. I've been looking for a face like yours
HER: I'm a plastic surgeon. I've been looking for a face like yours.

HIM: Hi. Didn't we go on a date once? Or was it twice?
HER: Must've been once. I never make the same mistake twice.

HIM: How did you get to be so beautiful?
HER: I must've been given your share.

HIM: Will you go out with me this Saturday?
HER: Sorry. I'm having a headache this weekend.

HIM: Your face must turn a few heads.
HER: And your face must turn a few stomachs.

HIM: Go on, don't be shy. Ask me out.
HER: Okay, get out.

HIM: I think I could make you very happy.
HER: Why? Are you leaving?

HIM: What would you say if I asked you to marry me?
HER: Nothing. I can't talk and laugh at the same time.

HIM: Can I have your name?
HER: Why? Don't you already have one?

HIM: Shall we go see a movie?
SHE: I've already seen it.

HIM: Where have you been all my life?
HER: Hiding from you.

HIM: Haven't I seen you some place before?
HER: Yes. That's why I don't go there anymore.

HIM: Is this seat empty?
HER: Yes and this one will be if you sit down.

HIM: So, what do you do for a living?
HER: I'm a female impersonator.

HIM: Hey baby what's your sign?
HER: Do not enter.

HIM: Your body is like a temple.
HER: Sorry, there are no services today.

HIM: If I could see you naked, I'd die happy.
HER: If I saw you naked, I'd probably die laughing

HIM: Where have you been all my life?
HER: Where I'll be the rest of your life - in your wildest dreams.


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