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Lindows sued by Microsoft Lindows sued by Microsoft as it sounds too much like a PC operating system

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   Lindows sued by Microsoft

In a complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for Western Washington, Microsoft claimed that Lindows sounds too much like a PC operating system and a more appropriate name should be chosen by the tiny company.

'The similarity between the Lindows and an operating system is likely to lead consumers to mistakenly conclude that the Lindows product is an operating system'' Microsoft said in the complaint.

'Lindows is LINUX which is different from an operating system' Microsoft spokesman Jon Murchinson said. The world would be full of operating systems if we call any thing based on LINUX an operating system he claimed.

Lindows has been developed by the creator of called itself the music industry before being purchased by Vivendi Universal for $370 million. With this track record Microsoft is concerned that LINDOWS will be called an operating system.

Microsoft is hoping for an out of court settlement where it can safely bully LINDOWS to stop masquerading as an operating system.

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