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Why Cats are better than Women 1. Cats keep their opinions to themselves
2. Cats don't mind if you live with your mother
3. Cats never question how much you're eating or how fat you are
4. Cats never use up the credit card on clothing and jewelry.
5. Cats understand the importance of beauty sleep
6. Cats don't criticize the job you have

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   Why Cats are better than Women

7. Cats always look good first thing in the morning
8. One good purr can be worth a thousand words
9. Cats don't complain when you get a bad haircut
10. Cats are happy with simple gifts, i.e. toy mice, rubber balls, etc.
11. Cats never complain about the gifts you get them
12. Cats don't care if you're romantically challenged
13. A cat doesn't use the phone for hours.
14. You don't have to tell your cat you love it - it knows you do.
15. A cat doesn't want to borrow money from you.
16. You don't need to buy your cat expensive presents on its birthday.
17. You don't need to buy your cats mother expensive presents on her birthday.
18. A cat doesn't say "no" when you want the two of you to take a two week holiday on some romantic island in West India.
19. If there's a mouse in the house, the cat kills it, instead of making a lot of fuss about it.

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