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What Men have to say Men are easy to understand. We've been hard wired by a billion years of evolution to want three things because having them maximized our chances of survival or spreading our genetic material: (1) Desiring material possessions (because having lots of food, clothing, etc. meant we were more likely to survive); (2) Power over other people (ditto): (3) lots of young attractive women (young because they are more likely to survive childbirth and less likely to have already been impregnated by another man and attractive because it used to be a primary indicator of health.)

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   What Men have to say

We live in times when acting on these drives is no longer appropriate, but they are still present and influence much of what we feel and do. This isn't shallow or determined by our upbringing, but the imprint of a survival strategy that has carried us to becoming the dominant species on the planet. Women have a similar, though different, set of primal drives. For one gender to look down on another because of them is to ignore how we got where we are.

No matter what we say to protect your feelings, fat (even a minor bulge) is never attractive. Sorry, girls.

When a man sees a woman, "newness" (as in he's never seen her before) is an attraction attribute as concrete as the color of her hair or her figure. This is so strong that can render a less attractive but unfamiliar woman more desireable than a known, more attractive woman. This behavior is perfectly rational from an evolutionary point of view.

You don't need to ask us if you're over weight if half the tops in your wardrobe look like maternity blouses.

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