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A pub story Four guys were telling stories in a pub. One guy leaves to go to the restroom. Three guys were left...........

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   A pub story

The first guy says,"I was worried that my son was going to be a loser because, he started out washing cars for a local dealership. Turns out that he got a break,they made him a salesman, and he sold so many cars that he bought the dealership. In fact,he's so successful that he just gave his best friend a new "Mercedes" for his birthday."

The second guy says,"I was worried about my son too because he started out raking leaves for a realtor. Turns out he got a break,they made him a commissioned salesman, and he eventually bought the real estate firm In fact,he's so successful that he just gave his best friend a new house for his birthday."

The third guy says,"Yeah, I hear you. My son started out sweeping floors in a brokerage firm. Well,HE got a break, they made him a broker, and now he owns the brokerage firm.In fact,he's so rich that he just gave his best friend $1 million in stockfor his birthday."

The fourth guy comes back from the restroom. The first 3 explain that they are telling stories about their kids so he says,"Well, I'm embarrassed to admit that my son is a major disappointment.He started out as a hairdresser and is still a hairdresser after 15 years.In fact,I just found out that he's GAY and has SEVERAL boyfriends. But I try to look at the bright side,his boyfriends just bought him a new Mercedes, a new house, and $1 million in stock for his birthday!"

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