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Blonde Diary - 2007 January
**Took new scarf back to store because it was too tight.

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   Blonde Diary - 2007

**Fired from pharmacy job for failing to print labels. Helllloooo!!! Bottles won't fit in typewriter!

**Got really excited.....finished jigsaw puzzle in 6 said "2-4 years!"

**Trapped on an escalator for hours.....power went out!

**Tried to make Kool-Aid....wrong instructions....8 cups of water won't fit into those little packets!

**Tried to go water skiing.....couldn't find a lake with a slope.

**Lost breast stroke swimming competition.....learned later, the other swimmers cheated, they used their arms!

**Got wet and locked out of my car in rain swamped because soft-top was open.

**The capital of California is 'C'.....isn't it?


*Returned my new but faulty computer as I could not find "any key".

**Baked turkey for 4 1/2 days.....instructions said 1 hour per pound and I weigh 108 lbs!

**Couldn't call 911.....'duh'.....there's no 'eleven' button on the stupid phone!

What a year 2007 has been!!

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