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Copper Clapper Caper Do you remember Dragnet? A TV show back in the 50's...we all loved it. The following is a spoof of that show that was seen on Johnny Carson......
This is Jack Webb, he played Sgt. Joe Friday.

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   Copper Clapper Caper

The Copper Clapper Caper

The story you are about to see is true .Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Joe Friday: "This is the city. Los Angeles, California. I work here... I'm a cop."

"It was Tuesday, February 9. It was raining in Los Angeles. We were working robbery. Some people rob for pleasure. Some people rob because it's there. You never know. I was working the day watch out of robbery when I got a call from the Acme School Bell Company."

Victim: "There's been a robbery."
Friday: "Yes sir! What was it?"
Victim: "My clappers!"
Friday: "Your clappers?"
Victim: "Yeah, you know those things inside a bell that makes them clang."
Friday: "The clangers?"
Victim: "That's right! We call them the clappers in the business."
Friday: "A clapper caper."
Victim: "What's that?"
Friday: "Nothing sir! Now can I have the facts? What kinds of clappers were stolen on this clapper caper?"
Victim: "They were copper clappers!"
Friday: "And where were they kept?"
Victim:" In the closet!"
Friday: "Uh huh, do you have any ideas who might have taken your copper clappers from the closet?"
Victim: "Well , I fired a man and he swore he'd get even!"
Friday: "What was his name?"
Victim: "Claude Cooper!"
Friday: "You think it was him then?"
Victim: " That's right! I think Claude Cooper copped my copper Clapper kept in a closet."
Friday: " You know where this Claude Cooper is from?"
Victim: "Yep! Cleveland."
Friday: "That figures!"
Victim: "What makes it worse is that they were clean!"
Friday: "Clean copper clappers? Why do you think that Claude Cooper would cop your clean copper clappers kept in your closet?"
Victim: "Only one reason!"
Friday: "What's that?"
Victim: "He's a kleptomaniac."
Friday: "Who first discovered the copper clappers were copped?"
Victim: "My cleaning woman Clara Clifford!"
Friday: "That figures! Now let me see if I got the facts straight here? Cleaning woman Clara Clifford discovered your clean copper clappers kept in a closet were copped by Claude Cooper a kleptomaniac from Cleveland. Now is that about it?"
Victim: "One more thing. If I ever catch kleptomaniac Claude Cooper from Cleveland who copped my clean copper clappers from the closet'."
Friday: "Yes?"
Victim: "I'll clobber him!"

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