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What cats, men and dogs have in common? A lot! Really!
The Bad Stuff

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   What cats, men and dogs have in common?

All of them take up too much room on the bed.
All have irrational fears about vacuum cleaning.
None notice when you get a new hair do.
All refuse to help with the dishes.
All like dominance games.
None will tell you what's bothering them.
All are very direct about wanting to go out.
All are suspicious of the mailman.

The Good Stuff

All are trainable. (takes a bit of effort though)
All are serious when they kiss you.
None care if you leave your clothes on the floor.
They all miss you when you are gone.
Time spent with them is never wasted.
They are all very intelligent.(a little stretch here)
They all like attention. (if you catch them in the right mood)
They all know how to relax.

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