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What if Civilization was created by... We all know that Civilization (Computer Game) has been created and developed by Sid Meier first and several companies afterwards. But what would have been the result if Civilization would have been created by others? Let's take a look...

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   What if Civilization was created by...

Bullfrog: you can modify the terrain near your Populous tribe and make everybody happy, but nothing really progresses after that. You can be best friends with a barbarian bear nearby, though. Your settlers are plenty and upkeep free.

Maxis: you watch your monitor twiddling thumbs for 7 hours as your Similization evolves from bacteria. It's the late modern era when they start demanding attention, and how!

Nintendo: Somehow Stalin will be in a crucial role in this Super Civio game. He bounces through the enemy territory into their capital where the AI leader awaits, and not so pleased.

Sony: Every leader has big eyes, small mouth. Every patch is promised to be Final. Your units will become quite experienced in a fancy ways.
id Software: You can only build marines in deserted military complexes. Relationships with AI civilizations will be Doomed. And you can find Civ quick run videos from the net.

Microsoft: It looks like you're creating a rifleman! Your Capitalization is big but the cultural border leaks barbarians badly. Blue ocean scenario is a killer!

Jeff Minter: Llamas!
Blizzard- Every unit will look like an orc or elf
Sierra- TIM(The Incredible machine game)
JoWood- You must lie and trick your opponent with leader "The Nasty Neighbor"
Shiny: You start with a set number of units, and have to kill enemy units to build more units. To win you need to suicide one of your own units in the capital city of the enemy. Only available improvement is obelisk. You can paradrop all over the map, but watch out for heat-seeking missiles.

Lionhead Studios: You can't give your units orders, they all behave more or less randomly. You can order your cities to build buildings, but they might not do it. Sometimes they build on their own. No hammers are produced, all improvements must be built by chop-rushing.
Apple : The game does not change but it comes in a nice silver and gold shiny plastic case and it costs twice as much!
Konami: Entering up up down down left right left right b a gives you 2,000,000 gold and a "Vic Viper" hero unit.
Obsidian: Great Game up until the modern age, at which point leaders inexplicably dissappear and the game ends after a five minute chat with Darth Victoria.

Square Enix: Leaders have much better personality and your troops can be upgrades by spending hours fighting random brabarians. Game always end fighting neo-uber-Montezuma in some kind of vorpal plane.

EA Sports: CivIV is exactly the same as CivIII, excepts with an updated soundtrack and new commentators.
Bethesda Softworks: After you create a unit, you take control of that unit at the first-and-third-persons and upgrade them by battling other units, or die.
Tiger Electronics: You would select to be one of two civilizations though it would be advertised as 24. Your civilization will have a maximum of three B&W units the size of a pinhead projected over a static map that never changes and you'd run out of batteries before reaching the Middle Ages.
Capcom: In the modern age your cities might suffer from zombie infestations and your only choice is to nuke it to stop it from spreading.
Hasbro: You must employ little people who work big machines to build your cities, and to save your people from various disasters.

Knowledge Adventure: Learn from talking animals, pre-teens, and machines as you build your society to be the ultimate in education.

Linux: Bake the game even MORE bare-bones, make it free, and let everyone who cares have the chance to change the game in amazingly new ways (Much more beyond FFH)

AOL: Make a horrible mess, market it as the New Beginning, and swindle all the hapless people you can in order to drive all competition out.

Chuck Norris: He would beat Satan up until the Devil writes the code for Civ 4.

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