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What's so funny about dancing? 1. If there was one man who could dance like Michael Jackson did back in his hey-day, every guy would instantly lose their girlfriend
2. Girls will dance anywhere (e.g. in an elevator) and on anything (e.g. a bar stool)
3. Tap-dancing, unlike the usual bump and grind, is a great way to impress your girlfriend's parents: MasterCard PayPass
4. People will dance to anything, from Whitesnake to Cher to even Willie Nelson

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   What's so funny about dancing?

5. Japanese people are pros at it....once it's a way of playing a video game
6. Some names for different types of dances seem like they came from random objects, like The Sprinkler, The Trucker Driver and The Funky Chicken
7. Its so popular, some people even do it as a professional career in classy venues
8. Sometimes they won't work, but your own personal set of dance moves can help you find a girl's bed to sleep in
9. You rarely will find a girl dancing by herself because they travel in packs at nightclubs
10. It may not seem like it, but a successful dance-off with someone you like includes a lot of eye-fucking

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