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What's so funny about police officers? 1. They don't use handcuffs in the same way as your kinky ex-girlfriend
2. Telling them it's not your pot they smell, it's just that "ode du pot" aroma
3. They can recite the law inside out but don't understand the basics of finger pointing
4. Having to deal with them whilst drunk and slurring your words
5. "What does his ID say?" ..."McLovin"... "That's a cool name"

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   What's so funny about police officers?

6. "The flying pig" is not codeword for "cops in choppers"
7. Getting tazered, grabbed by the balls and asked to spread your legs: "911
8. Inappropriate 911 emergency phone calls
9. Basically,, all young officers become porno actors
10. "Note to self: Smells like coffee in here.... Check to see if the victim went to Starbucks"

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