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What's so funny about strippers? 1. For some guys, they make the best girlfriends, even if you only see them every once in a while
2. When you first meet them, they always say they just started in the business
3. There's not a single one hoping that a talent scout will show up and help her make it big.....well career wise anyway
4. Due to Halloween and random theme parties, it seems like every college girl secretly wants to become one
5. Along with the ones who just started out, there's always those that should hang up the whips and just retire

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   What's so funny about strippers?

6. Their names can be cute, sexy or can be so horrifying that they scar you for life
7. They go well with bachelor parties, birthday parties and even the Christmas holidays
8. Their job may be sleazy and disgusting to some, but they do work at a level of professionalism
10. Instead of venturing off to the big cities, most of them stay right where they are and represent their hometown

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