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Aussie Slang (A Fair Dinkum Dictionary) Australian English is notorious for it's colourful and seemingly endless collection of slang terms and sayings. Listed below are some of the more common sayings that you may encounter on your trip Down Under:

Alice, The Alice Springs, Northern Territory.

Amber fluid Beer

Ankle-biter A small child.

Apple Isle,The Tasmania, our only island state.

Arvo Afternoon.

Bag of fruit Rhyming slang for a man's suit.

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   Aussie Slang (A Fair Dinkum Dictionary)

Banana Bender A person from Queensland.

Barbie Barbecue.

Bastard A term of abuse, but it can also be one of male endearment as in, 'G'day you silly old bastard.' Warning: use it in a jocular way or you may get into a blue!

Beaut or beauty Great! Terrific! Also pronounced beaudy, or bewdy.

Billabong water hole in a dry riverbed.

Billy A metal can, usually tin, enamelware or aluminium used for making tea over an open fire.

Bloke A male.

Blowie Blowfly. Sometimes jokingly referred to as Australia's national bird.

Brolly An umbrella.

Bull artist A teller of tall tales; a braggart.

Bundy The town of Bundaberg in Queensland. Also the name of a popular brand of rum.

Coat hanger, The Term for the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Cobber A close friend.

Crook To be sick or no good; also angry.

Dunny Originally an unsewered toilet at the bottom of the garden now used generally for the toilet.

Earbasher Someone who talks endlessly; a bore.

Fair dinkum True, genuine; an assertion of truth or genuineness.

Footy Refers to either Rugby League, Rugby Union, or Australian Rules football, which is very popular in Melbourne.

G'Day Good day.

Grog General name for all alcohol.

Hard yakka Hard work.

Legless Someone who is so drunk they can't walk.

Mate Friend, buddy. The great Australian leveller. Anyone can be your mate, from the Prime Minister to the bloke next-door. Also, affectionate term for a close friend. 'G'Day mate,' is a common Aussie greeting.

Middy A medium-sized (9oz) glass of beer (New South Wales and Western Australia).

Mozzie Mosquito.

No worries Don't worry, everything is okay.

Rager Someone who likes to party.

Sanger Sandwich.

Schooner Large glass of beer (15oz).

Shout To pay for a round of drinks, also used when buying anything for another person. In an Aussie pub you'll often hear, 'It's your shout, mate.'

Six-pack Package of six cans or bottles of beer.

Snag A light meal, but most commonly a sausage. See barbie.

Snaky To be angry.

Sparrow fart Very early in the morning.

Stubby A short, squat bottle of beer.

Tassie Tasmania.

Tinnie A can of beer.

Tomato sauce Ketchup.

Top End The northern part of the Northern Territory. A Top-Ender is a resident of this area.

Troppo To 'go troppo' is to be mentally disturbed. The original usage probably came from illness caused by too much time spent under the tropical sun of northern Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Tube Can of beer.

Tucker To eat food.

Ute Utility truck or pick-up truck.

Vegemite Sometimes referred to as Australia's national food. Loved by all true blue Aussies, Vegemite is a brown yeast extract spread on toast and sandwiches.

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