Flower (Flour) Girl (game) You begin the game by announcing you're going to have a kissing contest (the looks you get from workers are the best.)

Have 3 pretty girls come and stand at the front of the room. You tell the guys that they'll walk in one by one and ask each girl, "Are you my flower girl?" If she shakes her head "no", he goes to the next girl. If she nods "yes," he kisses her. The audience will cheer for the best kisser.

Select three guys (good self esteem & good sports). Then send the guys outside the room and explain the REAL rules. The last girl in the group of three will be the one who nods her head "yes." When the guy gets real close, ready to kiss her, she blows a mouth full of flour into his face (put the flour in her mouth and wipe it all off her face so he has no idea.) Have towels handy for clean-up.