Golf Ball and Nylon Relay (game) This game can be a relay, but I, personally, think relays just take too much time and leave kids standing there bored . . . so I usually do this as an up-front game for everyone to watch a couple of people do.

Tape two lines on the floor about 15 feet apart. Have ready two pair of pantyhose and four golf balls. Put one golf ball in the leg of the pantyhose and one golf ball on the ground. After wrapping the other leg of the pantyhose around your waist, the leg with the golf ball should be hanging down in front of you just barely touching the ground. With movement from your body alone, you are to hit the golf ball on the ground with the one hanging from your waist. The object is to move the golf ball from one line to the next. Pass the pantyhose to the next person and they must go back. This is repeated until 5-10 people on each team have completed the task.

Items needed: 4 golf balls, tape, 2 pairs of pantyhose