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Glossary K  Kaleidoscope:  Kaleidoscopes working before you in a dream, portend swift changeswith little of favorable promise in them.

 Kangaroo:  To see a kangaroo in your dreams, you will outwit a wily enemy who seeksto place you in an unfavorable position before the public and the personyou are striving to win.
If a kangaroo attacks you, your reputation will be in jeopardy.
If you kill one, you will succeed in spite of enemies and obstacles.
To see a kangaroo's hide, denotes that you are in a fair wayto success.

 Katydids:  To dream of hearing katydids, is a prognostic of misfortune and unusualdependence on others.
If any sick person ask you what they are,foretells there will be surprising events in your present and future.
For a woman to see them, signifies she will have a quarrelsomehusband or lover.

 Keg:  To dream of a keg, denotes you will have a struggle to throw off oppression.
Broken ones, indicate separation from family or friends.

 Kettle:  To see kettles in your dream, denotes great and laborious work before you.
To see a kettle of boiling water, your struggles will soon end and a changewill come to you.
To see a broken kettle, denotes failure after a mighty effortto work out a path to success.
For a young woman to dream of handling dark kettles, foretells disappointmentin love and marriage; but a light-colored kettle brings to her absolutefreedom from care, and her husband will be handsome and worthy.

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 Key:  To dream of keys, denotes unexpected changes.
If the keys are lost, unpleasant adventures will affect you.
To find keys, brings domestic peace and brisk turns to business.
Broken keys, portends separation either through death or jealousy.
For a young woman to dream of losing the key to any personal ornament,denotes she will have quarrels with her lover, and will suffer muchdisquiet therefrom.
If she dreams of unlocking a door with a key,she will have a new lover and have over-confidence in him.
If she locksa door with a key, she will be successful in selecting a husband.
If she gives the key away, she will fail to use judgment in conversationand darken her own reputation.

 Keyhole:  To dream that you spy upon others through a keyhole,you will damage some person by disclosing confidence.
If you catch others peeping through a keyhole, you will havefalse friends delving into your private matters to advancethemselves over you.
To dream that you cannot find the keyhole, you will unconsciouslyinjure a friend.

 Kid:  To dream of a kid, denotes you will not be over-scrupulous in your moralsor pleasures.
You will be likely to bring grief to some loving heart.

 Kidneys:  To dream about your kidneys, foretells you are threatenedwith a serious illness, or there will be trouble in marriagerelations for you.
If they act too freely, you will be a party to some racy intrigue.
If they refuse to perform their work, there will be a sensation,and to your detriment.
If you eat kidney-stew, some officious personwill cause you disgust in some secret lover affair.

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 Killing:  To dream of killing a defenseless man, prognosticates sorrowand failure in affairs.
If you kill one in defense, or kill a ferocious beast, it denotesvictory and a rise in position.

 King:  To dream of a king, you are struggling with your might,and ambition is your master.
To dream that you are crowned king, you will rise above yourcomrades and co-workers.
If you are censured by a king, you will be reproved for a neglected duty.
For a young woman to be in the presence of a king, she willmarry a man whom she will fear.
To receive favors from a king,she will rise to exalted positions and be congenially wedded.

 Kiss:  To dream that you see children kissing, denotes happy reunionsin families and satisfactory work.
To dream that you kiss your mother, you will be very successfulin your enterprises, and be honored and beloved by your friends.
To kiss a brother or sister, denotes much pleasure and goodin your association.
To kiss your sweetheart in the dark, denotes dangers and immoral engagements.
To kiss her in the light, signifies honorable intentions occupyyour mind always in connection with women.
To kiss a strange woman, denotes loose morals and perverted integrity.
To dream of kissing illicitly, denotes dangerous past-times.
The indulgenceof a low passion may bring a tragedy into well-thought-of homes.
To see your rival kiss your sweetheart, you are in dangerof losing her esteem.
For married people to kiss each other, denotes that harmony is prizedin the home life.
To dream of kissing a person on the neck, denotes passionate inclinationsand weak mastery of self.
If you dream of kissing an enemy, you will make advance towardsreconciliation with an angry friend.
For a young woman to dream that some person sees her kiss her lover,indicates that spiteful envy is entertained for her by a false friend.
For her to see her lover kiss another, she will be disappointed in herhopes of marriage.

 Kitchen:  To dream of a kitchen, denotes you will be forced to meet emergencies whichwill depress your spirits.
For a woman to dream that her kitchen is clear.
and orderly, foretells she will become the mistress of interesting fortunes.

 Kite:  To dream of flying a kite, denotes a great show of wealth, or business,but with little true soundness to it all.
To see the kite thrown upon the ground, foretells disappointment and failure.
To dream of making a kite, you will speculate largely on smallmeans and seek to win the one you love by misrepresentations.
To see children flying kites, denotes pleasant and light occupation.
If the kite ascends beyond the vision high hopes and aspirationswill resolve themselves into disappointments and loss.

 Kitten:  For a woman to dream of a beautiful fat, white kitten,omens artful deception will be practised upon her, which willalmost ensnare her to destruction, but her good sense andjudgment will prevail in warding off unfortunate complications.
If the kittens are soiled, or colored and lean, she will bevictimized into glaring indiscretions.
To dream of kittens, denotes abominable small troubles and vexationswill pursue and work you loss, unless you kill the kitten, and thenyou will overcome these worries.
To see snakes kill kittens, you have enemies who in seeking to injureyou will work harm to themselves.
- See Cats.

 Knapsack:  To see a knapsack while dreaming, denotes you will find yourgreatest pleasure away from the associations of friends.
For a woman to see an old dilapidated one, means povertyand disagreeableness for her.

 Knee:  To dream that your knees are too large, denotes sudden ill luck for you.
If they are stiff and pain you, swift and fearful calamity awaits you.
For a woman to dream that she has well-formed and smooth knees,predicts she will have many admirers, but none to woo her in wedlock.
If they are soiled, sickness from dissipation is portended.
If they are unshapely, unhappy changes in her fortune willdisplace ardent hopes.
To dream of knees is an unfortunate omen.

 Knife:  To dream of a knife is bad for the dreamer, as it portends separationand quarrels, and losses in affairs of a business character.
To see rusty knives, means dissatisfaction, and complaintsof those in the home, and separation of lovers.
Sharp knives and highly polished, denotes worry.
Foes are ever surrounding you.
Broken knives, denotes defeat whatever the pursuit, whether inlove or business.
To dream that you are wounded with a knife, foretells domestic troubles,in which disobedient children will figure largely.
To the unmarried,it denotes that disgrace may follow.
To dream that you stab another with a knife, denotes baseness of character,and you should strive to cultivate a higher sense of right.

 Knife Grinder:  To dream of a knife grinder, foretells unwarrantable libertieswill be taken with your possessions.
For a woman, this omensunhappy unions and much drudgery.

 Knitting:  For a woman to dream of knitting, denotes that she will possessa quiet and peaceful home, where a loving companion and dutifulchildren delight to give pleasure.
For a man to be in a kniting-mill, indicates thrift and a solidrise in prospects.
For a young woman to dream of knitting, is an omen of a hastybut propitious marriage.
For a young woman to dream that she works in a knitting-mill,denotes that she will have a worthy and loyal lover.
To see the mill in which she works dilapidated, she will meetwith reverses in fortune and love.

 Knocker:  To dream of using a knocker, foretells you will be forced to askaid and counsel of others.

 Knocking:  To hear knocking in your dreams, denotes that tidings of a grave naturewill soon be received by you.
If you are awakened by the knocking,the news will affect you the more seriously.

 Knots:  To dream of seeing knots, denotes much worry over the most trifling affairs.
If your sweetheart notices another, you will immediately find causeto censure him.
To tie a knot, signifies an independent nature, and you will refuseto be nagged by ill-disposed lover or friend.

 Krishna:  To see Krishna in your dreams, denotes that your greatest joywill be in pursuit of occult knowledge, and you will schoolyourself to the taunts of friends, and cultivate a philosophicalbearing toward life and sorrow.

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