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Glossary P  Pacify:  To endeavor to pacify suffering ones, denotes that you will beloved for your sweetness of disposition.
To a young woman,this dream is one of promise of a devoted husband or friends.
Pacifying the anger of others, denotes that you will laborfor the advancement of others.
If a lover dreams of soothing the jealous suspicions of his sweetheart,he will find that his love will be unfortunately placed.

 Packet:  To dream of seeing a packet coming in, foretells that some pleasantrecreation is in store for you.
To see one going out, you will experience slight losses and disappointments.

 Page:  To see a page, denotes that you will contract a hasty union with one unsuitedto you.
You will fail to control your romantic impulses.
If a young woman dreams she acts as a page, it denotes that sheis likely to participate in some foolish escapade.

 Pagoda:  To see a pagoda in your dreams, denotes that you will soon goon a long desired journey.
If a young woman finds herself in a pagoda with her sweetheart,many unforeseen events will transpire before her union is legalized.
An empty one, warns her of separation from her lover.

 Pail:  To dream of full pails of milk, is a sign of fair prospectsand pleasant associations.
An empty pail is a sign of famine, or bad crops.
For a young woman to be carrying a pail, denotes household employment.

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 Pain:  To dream that you are in pain, will make sure of your own unhappiness.
This dream foretells useless regrets over some trivial transaction.
To see others in pain, warns you that you are making mistakesin your life.

 Paint and Painting:  To see newly painted houses in dreams, foretells that you will succeedwith some devised plan.
To have paint on your clothing, you will be made unhappy by the thoughtlesscriticisms of others.
To dream that you use the brush yourself, denotes that youwill be well pleased with your present occupation.
To dream of seeing beautiful paintings, denotes that friends will assumefalse positions towards you, and you will find that pleasure is illusive.
For a young woman to dream of painting a picture, she will be deceivedin her lover, as he will transfer his love to another.

 Palace:  Wandering through a palace and noting its grandeur, signifies that yourprospects are growing brighter and you will assume new dignity.
To see and hear fine ladies and men dancing and conversing, denotes that youwill engage in profitable and pleasing associations.
For a young woman of moderate means to dream that she is aparticipant in the entertainment, and of equal social standingwith others, is a sign of her advancement through marriage,or the generosity of relatives.
This is often a very deceitful and misleading dream to the youngwoman of humble circumstances; as it is generally induced in suchcases by the unhealthy day dreams of her idle, empty brain.
She should strive after this dream, to live by honest work,and restrain deceitful ambition by observing the fireside counselsof mother, and friends.
- See Opulence.

 Palisade:  To dream of the palisades, denotes that you will alter well-formed plansto please strangers, and by so doing, you will impair your own interests.

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 Pall:  To dream that you see a pall, denotes that you will havesorrow and misfortune.
If you raise the pall from a corpse, you will doubtless soonmourn the death of one whom you love.

 Pall bearer:  To dream of a pall-bearer, indicates some enemy will provokeyour ill feeling, by constant attacks on your integrity.
If you see a pall-bearer, you will antagonize worthy institutions,and make yourself obnoxious to friends.

 Pallet:  To dream of a pallet, denotes that you will suffer temporaryuneasiness over your love affairs.
For a young woman,it is a sign of a jealous rival.

 Palmistry:  For a young woman to dream of palmistry, foretells she will bethe object of suspicion.
If she has her palms read, she will have many friendsof the opposite sex, but her own sex will condemn her.
If she reads others' hands, she will gain distinction by herintelligent bearing.
If a minister's hand, she will need friends,even in her elevation.

 Palm Tree:  Palm trees seen in your dreams, are messages of hopeful situationsand happiness of a high order.
For a young woman to pass down an avenue of palms, omens acheerful home and a faithful husband.
If the palms are withered,some unexpected sorrowful event will disturb her serenity.

 Palsy:  To dream that you are afflicted with palsy, denotes that youare making unstable contracts.
To see your friend so afflicted, there will be uncertaintyas to his faithfulness and sickness, too, may enter your home.
For lovers to dream that their sweethearts have palsy, signifies thatdissatisfaction over some question will mar their happiness.

 Pancake:  To dream of eating pancakes, denotes that you will have excellentsuccess in all enterprises undertaken at this time.
To cook them, denotes that you will be economical and thriftyin your home.

 Pane of Glass:  To dream that you handle a pane of glass, denotes that you are dealingin uncertainties.
If you break it, your failure will be accentuated.
To talk to a person through a pane of glass, denotes that thereare obstacles in your immediate future, and they will cause youno slight inconvenience.

 Panorama:  To dream of a panorama, denotes that you will change youroccupation or residence.
You should curb your inclinationsfor change of scene and friends.

 Panther:  To see a panther and experience fright, denotes that contracts in loveor business may be canceled unexpectedly, owing to adverse influencesworking against your honor.
But killing, or over-powering it,you will experience joy and be successful in your undertakings.
Your surroundings will take on fair prospects.
If one menaces you by its presence, you will have disappointmentsin business.
Other people will likely recede from their promises to you.
If you hear the voice of a panther, and experience terroror fright, you will have unfavorable news, coming in the wayof reducing profit or gain, and you may have social discord;no fright forebodes less evil.
A panther, like the cat, seen in a dream, portends evil to the dreamer,unless he kills it.

 Pantomime:  To dream of seeing pantomimes, denotes that your friends will deceive you.
If you participate in them, you will have cause of offense.
Affairs will not prove satisfactory.

 Paper or parchment:  If you have occasion in your dreams to refer to, or handle,any paper or parchment, you will be threatened with losses.
They are likely to be in the nature of a lawsuit.
For a young woman, it means that she will be angry with herlover and that she fears the opinion of acquaintances.
Beware, if you are married, of disagreements in the precinctsof the home.

 Parables:  To dream of parables, denotes that you will be undecided as to the bestcourse to pursue in dissenting to some business complication.
To the lover,or young woman, this is a prophecy of misunderstandings and disloyalty.

 Paradise:  To dream that you are in Paradise, means loyal friends, who arewilling to aid you.
This dream holds out bright hopes to sailorsor those about to make a long voyage.
To mothers, this meansfair and obedient children.
If you are sick and unfortunate,you will have a speedy recovery and your fortune will ripen.
To lovers, it is the promise of wealth and faithfulness.
To dream that you start to Paradise and find yourself bewildered and lost,you will undertake enterprises which look exceedingly feasible and fullof fortunate returns, but which will prove disappointing and vexatious.

 Paralysis:  Paralysis is a bad dream, denoting financial reverses and disappointmentin literary attainment.
To lovers, it portends a cessation of affections.

 Parasol:  To dream of a parasol, denotes, for married people, illicit enjoyments.
If a young woman has this dream, she will engage in many flirtations,some of which will cause her interesting disturbances, lest her loverfind out her inclinations.
- See Umbrella.

 Parcel:  To dream of a parcel being delivered to you, denotes that youwill be pleasantly surprised by the return of some absent one,or be cared for in a worldly way.
If you carry a parcel, you will have some unpleasant task to perform.
To let a parcel fall on the way as you go to deliver it,you will see some deal fail to go through.

 Pardon:  To dream that you are endeavoring to gain pardon for an offensewhich you never committed, denotes that you will be troubled,and seemingly with cause, over your affairs, but it will finallyappear that it was for your advancement.
If offense was committed,you will realize embarrassment in affairs.
To receive pardon, you will prosper after a series of misfortunes.
- See kindred words.

 Parents:  To see your parents looking cheerful while dreaming, denotes harmonyand pleasant associates.
If they appear to you after they are dead, it is a warning ofapproaching trouble, and you should be particular of your dealings.
To see them while they are living, and they seem to bein your home and happy, denotes pleasant changes for you.
To a young woman, this usually brings marriage and prosperity.
If pale and attired in black, grave disappointments will harass you.
To dream of seeing your parents looking robust and contented, denotes you areunder fortunate environments; your business and love interests will flourish.
If they appear indisposed or sad, you will find life's favors passing youby without recognition.
- See Father and Mother.

 Park:  To dream of walking through a well-kept park, denotes enjoyable leisure.
If you walk with your lover, you will be comfortably and happily married.
Ill-kept parks, devoid of green grasses and foliage, is ominousof unexpected reverses.

 Parrot:  Parrots chattering in your dreams, signifies frivolous employments and idlegossip among your friends.
To see them in repose, denotes a peaceful intermission of family broils.
For a young woman to dream that she owns a parrot, denotes that her loverwill believe her to be quarrelsome.
To teach a parrot, you will have trouble in your private affairs.
A dead parrot, foretells the loss of social friends.

 Parsley:  To dream of parsley, denotes hard-earned success, usually the surroundingsof the dreamer are healthful and lively.
To eat parsley, is a sign of good health, but the care of a largefamily will be your portion.

 Parsnips:  To see or eat parsnips, is a favorable omen of successful business or trade,but love will take on unfavorable and gloomy aspects.

 Parting:  To dream of parting with friends and companions, denotes that many littlevexations will come into your daily life.
If you part with enemies, it is a sign of success in love and business.

 Partner:  To dream of seeing your business partner with a basket of crockeryon his back, and, letting it fall, gets it mixed with other crockery,denotes your business will sustain a loss through the indiscriminatedealings of your partner.
If you reprimand him for it, you will,to some extent, recover the loss.

 Partnership:  To dream of forming a partnership with a man, denotes uncertainand fluctuating money affairs.
If your partner be a woman,you will engage in some enterprise which you will endeavorto keep hidden from friends.
To dissolve an unpleasant partnership, denotes that things will arrangethemselves agreeable to your desires; but if the partnership was pleasant,there will be disquieting news and disagreeable turns in your affairs.

 Partridge:  Partridges seen in your dreams, denotes that conditions will begood in your immediate future for the accumulation of property.
To ensnare them, signifies that you will be fortunate in expectations.
To kill them, foretells that you will be successful, but muchof your wealth will be given to others.
To eat them, signifies the enjoyment of deserved honors.
To see them flying, denotes that a promising future is before you.

 Party:  To dream of an unknown party of men assaulting you for your moneyor valuables, denotes that you will have enemies banded together against you.
If you escape uninjured, you will overcome any opposition, either inbusiness or love.
To dream of attending a party of any kind for pleasure, you will findthat life has much good, unless the party is an inharmonious one.

 Passenger:  To dream that you see passengers coming in with their luggage,denotes improvement in your surroundings.
If they are leavingyou will lose an opportunity of gaining some desired property.
If you are one of the passengers leaving home, you will bedissatisfied with your present living and will seek to change it.

 Passing Bell:  To hear a passing bell, unexpected intelligence of the sorrowor illness of the absent.
To ring one yourself, denotes ill health and reverses.

 Password:  To dream of a password, foretells you will have influential aidin some slight trouble soon to attack you.
For a woman to dreamthat she has given away the password, signifies she will endangerher own standing through seeking frivolous or illicit desires.

 Pasteboard:  To dream of pasteboard, denotes that unfaithful friends will deceiveyou concerning important matters.
To cut pasteboard, you will throwaside difficulties in your struggle to reach eminent positions.

 Pastry:  To dream of pastry, denotes that you will be deceived by some artful person.
To eat it, implies heartfelt friendships.
If a young woman dreams that she is cooking it, she will failto deceive others as to her real intentions.
- See Pies.

 Patch:  To dream that you have patches upon your clothing, denotes that youwill show no false pride in the discharge of obligations.
To see others wearing patches, denotes want and misery are near.
If a young woman discovers a patch on her new dress, it indicatesthat she will find trouble facing her when she imagines her happiestmoments are approaching near.
If she tries to hide the patches,she will endeavor to keep some ugly trait in her character from her lover.
If she is patching, she will assume duties for which she has no liking.
For a woman to do family patching, denotes close and loving bondsin the family, but a scarcity of means is portended.

 Patent:  To dream of securing a patent, denotes that you will be carefuland painstaking with any task you set about to accomplish.
If you fail in securing your patent, you will suffer failurefor the reason that you are engaging in enterprises for which youhave no ability.
If you buy one, you will have occasion to make a tiresomeand fruitless journey.
To see one, you will suffer unpleasantness from illness.

 Patent Medicine:  To dream that you resort to patent medicine in your search for health,denotes that you will use desperate measures in advancing your fortune,but you will succeed, to the disappointment of the envious.
To see or manufacture patent medicines, you will rise from obscurityto positions above your highest imaginings.

 Path:  To dream that you are walking in a narrow and rough path,stumbling over rocks and other obstructions, denotes that youwill have a rough encounter with adversity, and feverishexcitement will weigh heavily upon you.
To dream that you are trying to find your path, foretells that you will failto accomplish some work that you have striven to push to desired ends.
To walk through a pathway bordered with green grass and flowers,denotes your freedom from oppressing loves.

 Paunch:  To see a large paunch, denotes wealth and the total absence of refinement.
To see a shriveled paunch, foretells illness and reverses.

 Pauper:  To dream that you are a pauper, implies unpleasant happenings for you.
To see paupers, denotes that there will be a call upon your generosity.
- See Beggars and kindred words.

 Pawn shop:  If in your dreams you enter a pawn-shop, you will find disappointmentsand losses in your waking moments.
To pawn articles, you will have unpleasant scenes with your wifeor sweetheart, and perhaps disappointments in business.
For a woman to go to a pawn-shop, denotes that she is guilty of indiscretions,and she is likely to regret the loss of a friend.
To redeem an article, denotes that you will regain lost positions.
To dream that you see a pawn-shop, denotes you are negligentof your trust and are in danger of sacrificing your honorablename in some salacious affair.

 Peaches:  Dreaming of seeing or eating peaches, implies the sickness of children,disappointing returns in business, and failure to make anticipatedvisits of pleasure; but if you see them on trees with foliage,you will secure some desired position or thing after much strivingand risking of health and money.
To see dried peaches, denotes that enemies will steal from you.
For a young woman to dream of gathering luscious peaches fromwell-filled trees, she will, by her personal charms and qualifications,win a husband rich in worldly goods and wise in travel.
If the peaches prove to be green and knotty, she will meetwith unkindness from relatives and ill health will stealaway her attractions.
- See Orchard.

 Peacock:  For persons dreaming of peacocks, there lies below the brilliantand flashing ebb and flow of the stream of pleasure and riches,the slums of sorrow and failure, which threaten to mix with itsclearness at the least disturbing influence.
For a woman to dream that she owns peacocks, denotes that shewill be deceived in her estimate of man's honor.
To hear their harsh voices while looking upon their proudly spread plumage,denotes that some beautiful and well-appearing person will work you discomfortand uneasiness of mind.

 Pearls:  To dream of pearls, is a forerunner of good business and tradeand affairs of social nature.
If a young woman dreams that her lover sends her gifts of pearls,she will indeed be most fortunate, as there will be occasions offestivity and pleasure for her, besides a loving and faithful affianceddevoid of the jealous inclinations so ruinous to the peace of lovers.
If she loses or breaks her pearls, she will suffer indescribablesadness and sorrow through bereavement or misunderstandings.
To find herself admiring them, she will covet and strive for loveor possessions with a pureness of purpose.

 Pears:  To dream of eating pears, denotes poor success and debilitating health.
To admire the golden fruit upon graceful trees, denotes that fortunewill wear a more promising aspect than formerly.
To dream of gathering them, denotes pleasant surprises will followquickly upon disappointment.
To preserve them, denotes that you will take reverses philosophically.
Baking them, denotes insipid love and friendships.

 Peas:  Dreaming of eating peas, augurs robust health and the accumulation of wealth.
Much activity is indicated for farmers and their women folks.
To see them growing, denotes fortunate enterprises.
To plant them, denotes that your hopes are well grounded and theywill be realized.
To gather them, signifies that your plans will culminate in good and youwill enjoy the fruits of your labors.
To dream of canned peas, denotes that your brightest hopeswill be enthralled in uncertainties for a short season,but they will finally be released by fortune.
To see dried peas, denotes that you are overtaxing your health.
To eat dried peas, foretells that you will, after much success,suffer a slight decrease in pleasure or wealth.

 Pebbles:  For a young woman to dream of a pebble-strewn walk, she will be vexedwith many rivals and find that there are others with charms that attractbesides her own.
She who dreams of pebbles is selfish and should cultivateleniency towards others' faults.

 Pecans:  To dream of eating this appetizing nut, you will see one of your dearestplans come to full fruition, and seeming failure prove a prosperoussource of gain.
To see them growing among leaves, signifies a long, peaceful existence.
Failure in love or business will follow in proportion as the pecan is decayed.
If they are difficult to crack and the fruit is small, you will succeedafter much trouble and expense, but returns will be meagre.

 Pelican:  To dream of a pelican, denotes a mingling of disappointments with successes.
To catch one, you will be able to overcome disappointing influences.
To kill one, denotes that you will cruelly set aside the rights of others.
To see them flying, you are threatened with changes, which will impressyou with ideas of uncertainty as to good.

 Pen:  To dream of a pen, foretells you are unfortunately beingled into serious complications by your love of adventure.
If the pen refuses to write, you will be charged with a seriousbreach of morality.

 Penalties:  To dream that you have penalties imposed upon you, foretells that youwill have duties that will rile you and find you rebellious.
To pay a penalty, denotes sickness and financial loss.
To escape the payment, you will be victor in some contest.

 Pencil:  To dream of pencils, denotes favorable occupations.
For a young woman to write with one, foretells she willbe fortunate in marriage, if she does not rub out words;in that case, she will be disappointed in her lover.

 Penitentiary:  To dream of a penitentiary, denotes you will have engagementswhich will, unfortunately, result in your loss.
To be an inmateof one, foretells discontent in the home and failing business.
To escape from one, you will overcome difficult obstacles.

 Penny:  To dream of pennies, denotes unsatisfactory pursuits.
Business will suffer, and lovers and friends will complainof the smallness of affection.
To lose them, signifies small deference and failures.
To find them, denotes that prospects will advance to your improvement.
To count pennies, foretells that you will be business-like and economical.

 Pension:  To dream of drawing a pension, foretells that you will be aidedin your labors by friends.
To fail in your application for a pension, denotes that you will losein an undertaking and suffer the loss of friendships.

 People:  - See Crowd.

 Pepper:  To dream of pepper burning your tongue, foretells that you will sufferfrom your acquaintances through your love of gossip.
To see red pepper growing, foretells for you a thrifty and an independentpartner in the marriage state.
To see piles of red pepper pods, signifies that you will aggressivelymaintain your rights.
To grind black pepper, denotes that you will be victimized by the wilesof ingenious men or women.
To see it in stands on the table, omens sharpreproaches or quarrels.
For a young woman to put it on her food, foretells that she will be deceivedby her friends.

 Peppermint:  To dream of peppermint, denotes pleasant entertainmentsand interesting affairs.
To see it growing, denotes that you will participate in some pleasurein which there will be a dash of romance.
To enjoy drinks in which there is an effusion of peppermint, denotes thatyou will enjoy assignations with some attractive and fascinating person.
To a young woman, this dream warns her against seductive pleasures.

 Perfume:  To dream of inhaling perfume, is an augury of happy incidents.
For you to perfume your garments and person, denotes that youwill seek and obtain adulation.
Being oppressed by it to intoxication, denotes that excesses in joywill impair your mental qualities.
To spill perfume, denotes that you will lose something whichaffords you pleasure.
To break a bottle of perfume, foretells that your most cherishedwishes and desires will end disastrously, even while they promisea happy culmination.
To dream that you are distilling perfume, denotes that your employmentsand associations will be of the pleasantest character.
For a young woman to dream of perfuming her bath, foretellsecstatic happenings.
If she receives it as a gift from a man,she will experience fascinating, but dangerous pleasures.

 Perspiration:  To dream that you are in a perspiration, foretells that youwill come out of some difficulty, which has caused much gossip,with new honors.

 Pest:  To dream of being worried over a pest of any nature, foretells that disturbingelements will prevail in your immediate future.
To see others thus worried, denotes that you will be annoyedby some displeasing development.

 Petticoat:  To dream of seeing new petticoats, denotes that pride in your belongingswill make you an object of raillery among your acquaintances.
To see them soiled or torn, portends that your reputation will bein great danger.
If a young woman dream that she wears silken, or clean, petticoats,it denotes that she will have a doting, but manly husband.
If she suddenly perceives that she has left off her petticoatin dressing, it portends much ill luck and disappointment.
To see her petticoat falling from its place while she isat some gathering, or while walking, she will have troublein retaining her lover, and other disappointments may follow.

 Pewter:  To dream of pewter, foretells straitened circumstances.
- See Dishes.

 Phantom:  To dream that a phantom pursues you, foretells strangeand disquieting experiences.
To see a phantom fleeing from you, foretells that troublewill assume smaller proportions.
- See Ghost.

 Pheasant:  Dreaming of pheasants, omens good fellowship among your friends.
To eat one, signifies that the jealousy of your wife will causeyou to forego friendly intercourse with your friends.
To shoot them, denotes that you will fail to sacrifice one selfish pleasurefor the comfort of friends.

 Phosphorus:  To dream of seeing phosphorus, is indicative of evanescent joys.
For a young woman, it foretells a brilliant but brief success with admirers.

 Photography:  If you see photographs in your dreams, it is a sign of approaching deception.
If you receive the photograph of your lover, you are warnedthat he is not giving you his undivided loyalty, while he triesto so impress you.
For married people to dream of the possession of other persons'photographs, foretells unwelcome disclosures of one's conduct.
To dream that you are having your own photograph made, foretells that youwill unwarily cause yourself and others' trouble.

 Physician:  For a young woman to dream of a physician, denotes that sheis sacrificing her beauty in engaging in frivolous pastimes.
If she is sick and thus dreams, she will have sickness or worry,but will soon overcome them, unless the physician appears very anxious,and then her trials may increase, ending in loss and sorrow.

 Piano:  To dream of seeing a piano, denotes some joyful occasion.
To hear sweet and voluptuous harmony from a piano,signals success and health.
If discordant music is being played,you will have many exasperating matters to consider.
Sad and plaintive music, foretells sorrowful tidings.
To find your piano broken and out of tune, portends dissatisfactionwith your own accomplishments and disappointment in the failureof your friends or children to win honors.
To see an old-fashioned piano, denotes that you have, in trying moments,neglected the advices and opportunities of the past, and are warnednot to do so again.
For a young woman to dream that she is executing difficult,but entrancing music, she will succeed in winning an indifferentfriend to be a most devoted and loyal lover.

 Pickaxe:  To dream of a pickaxe, denotes a relentless enemy is working to overthrowyou socially.
A broken one, implies disaster to all your interests.

 Pickles:  To dream of pickles, denotes that you will follow worthless pursuits if youfail to call energy and judgment to your aid.
For a young woman to dream of eating pickles, foretells an unambitious career.
To dream of pickles, denotes vexation in love, but final triumph.
For a young woman to dream that she is eating them, or is hungryfor them, foretells she will find many rivals, and will be overcomeunless she is careful of her private affairs.
Impure pickles,indicate disappointing engagements and love quarrels.

 Pickpocket:  To dream of a pickpocket, foretells some enemy will succeedin harassing and causing you loss.
For a young woman to have herpocket picked, denotes she will be the object of some person'senvy and spite, and may lose the regard of a friend throughthese evil machinations, unless she keeps her own counsel.
If she picks others' pockets, she will incur the displeasureof a companion by her coarse behavior.

 Picnic:  To dream of attending a picnic, foreshadows success and real enjoyment.
Dreams of picnics, bring undivided happiness to the young.
Storms, or any interfering elements at a picnic, implies the temporarydisplacement of assured profit and pleasure in love or business.
- See Kindred Words.

 Pictures:  Pictures appearing before you in dreams, prognosticate deceptionand the ill will of contemporaries.
To make a picture, denotes that you will engage insome unremunerative enterprise.
To destroy pictures, means that you will be pardoned for usingstrenuous means to establish your rights.
To buy them, foretells worthless speculation.
To dream of seeing your likeness in a living tree, appearing and disappearing,denotes that you will be prosperous and seemingly contented, but therewill be disappointments in reaching out for companionship and reciprocalunderstanding of ideas and plans.
To dream of being surrounded with the best efforts of the oldand modern masters, denotes that you will have insatiable longingsand desires for higher attainments, compared to which presentsuccess will seem poverty-stricken and miserable.
- See Painting and Photographs.

 Pier:  To stand upon a pier in your dream, denotes that you will bebrave in your battle for recognition in prosperity's realm,and that you will be admitted to the highest posts of honor.
If you strive to reach a pier and fail, you will lose the distinctionyou most coveted.

 Pies:  To dream of eating pies, you will do well to watch your enemies,as they are planning to injure you.
For a young woman to dream of making pies, denotes that she will flirtwith men for pastime.
She should accept this warning.
- See Pastry.

 Pig:  To dream of a fat, healthy pig, denotes reasonable success in affairs.
If they are wallowing in mire, you will have hurtful associates,and your engagements will be subject to reproach.
This dream will bringto a young woman a jealous and greedy companion though the chancesare that he will be wealthy.
- See Hog.

 Pigeon:  To dream of seeing pigeons and hearing them cooing above their cotes,denotes domestic peace and pleasure-giving children.
For a young woman,this dream indicates an early and comfortable union.
To see them being used in a shooting match, and, if you participate,it denotes that cruelty in your nature will show in your dealings,and you are warned of low and debasing pleasures.
To see them flying, denotes freedom from misunderstanding,and perhaps news from the absent.

 Pilgrim:  To dream of pilgrims, denotes that you will go on an extended journey,leaving home and its dearest objects in the mistaken idea that it mustbe thus for their good.
To dream that you are a pilgrim, portends struggles with povertyand unsympathetic companions.
For a young woman to dream that a pilgrim approaches her,she will fall an easy dupe to deceit.
If he leaves her,she will awaken to her weakness of character and striveto strengthen independent thought.

 Pill:  To dream that you take pills, denotes that you will have responsibilitiesto look after, but they will bring you no little comfort and enjoyment.
To give them to others, signifies that you will be criticisedfor your disagreeableness.

 Pillow:  To dream of a pillow, denotes luxury and comfort.
For a young woman to dream that she makes a pillow, she will have encouragingprospects of a pleasant future.

 Pimple:  To dream of your flesh being full of pimples, denotes worry over trifles.
To see others with pimples on them, signifies that you will be troubledwith illness and complaints from others.
For a woman to dream that her beauty is marred by pimples, her conductin home or social circles will be criticised by friends and acquaintances.
You may have small annoyances to follow this dream.

 Pincers:  To dream of feeling pincers on your flesh, denotes that youwill be burdened with exasperating cares.
Any dream of pincers,signifies unfortunate incidents.

 Pineapple:  To dream of pineapples, is exceedingly propitious.
Success will follow in the near future, if you gather pineapplesor eat them.
To dream that you prick your fingers while preparing a pineapplefor the table, you will experience considerable vexation over matterswhich will finally bring pleasure and success.

 Pine Tree:  To see a pine tree in a dream, foretells unvarying successin any undertaking.
Dead pine, for a woman, representsbereavement and cares.

 Pins:  To dream of pins, augurs differences and quarrels ill families.
To a young woman, they warn her of unladylike conduct towards her lover.
To dream of swallowing a pin, denotes that accidents will forceyou into perilous conditions.
To lose one, implies a petty loss or disagreement.
To see a bent or rusty pin, signifies that you will lose esteembecause of your careless ways.
To stick one into your flesh, denotes that some person will irritate you.

 Pipe:  Pipes seen in dreams, are representatives of peace and comfortafter many struggles.
Sewer, gas, and such like pipes, denotes unusual thought and prosperityin your community.
Old and broken pipe, signifies ill health and stagnation of business.
To dream that you smoke a pipe, denotes that you will enjoy the visit of anold friend, and peaceful settlements of differences will also take place.

 Pirate:  To dream of pirates, denotes that you will be exposed to the evildesigns of false friends.
To dream that you are a pirate, denotes that you will fall beneaththe society of friends and former equals.
For a young woman to dream that her lover is a pirate, is a signof his unworthiness and deceitfulness.
If she is captured by pirates,she will be induced to leave her home under false pretenses.

 Pistol:  Seeing a pistol in your dream, denotes bad fortune, generally.
If you own one, you will cultivate a low, designing character.
If you hear the report of one, you will be made aware of some schemeto ruin your interests.
To dream of shooting off your pistol, signifies that you willbear some innocent person envy, and you will go far to revengethe imagined wrong.

 Pit:  If you are looking into a deep pit in your dream, you will run silly risksin business ventures and will draw uneasiness about your wooing.
To fall into a pit denotes calamity and deep sorrow.
To wake as you begin to feel yourself falling into the pit,brings you out of distress in fairly good shape.
To dream that you are descending into one, signifies that youwill knowingly risk health and fortune for greater success.

 Pitcher:  To dream of a pitcher, denotes that you will be of a generousand congenial disposition.
Success will attend your efforts.
A broken pitcher, denotes loss of friends.

 Pitchfork:  Pitchforks in dreams, denotes struggles for betterment of fortuneand great laboring, either physically or mentally.
To dream that you are attacked by some person using a pitchfork,implies that you will have personal enemies who would not scrupleto harm you.

 Plague:  To dream of a plague raging, denotes disappointing returns in business,and your wife or lover will lead you a wretched existence.
If you are afflicted with the plague, you will keep yourbusiness out of embarrassment with the greatest maneuvering.
If you are trying to escape it, some trouble, which looks impenetrable,is pursuing you.

 Plain:  For a young woman to dream of crossing a plain, denotes that shewill be fortunately situated, if the grasses are green and luxuriant;if they are arid, or the grass is dead, she will have muchdiscomfort and loneliness.
- See Prairie.

 Plane:  To dream that you use a plane, denotes that your liberality and successfulefforts will be highly commended.
To see carpenters using their planes, denotes that you will progresssmoothly in your undertakings.
To dream of seeing planes, denotes congeniality and even success.
A love of the real, and not the false, is portended by this dream.

 Planet:  To dream of a planet, foretells an uncomfortable journey and depressing work.

 Plank:  For a young woman to dream that she is walking across muddy wateron a rotten plank, denotes that she will feel keenly the indifferenceshown her by one she loves, or other troubles may arise;or her defence of honor may be in danger of collapse.
Walking a good, sound plank, is a good omen, but a person will haveto be unusually careful in conduct after such a dream.

 Plaster:  To dream of seeing walls plainly plastered, denotes that success will come,but it will not be stable.
To have plaster fall upon you, denotes unmitigated disasters and disclosure.
To see plasterers at work, denotes that you will have a sufficientcompetency to live above penury.

 Plate:  For a woman to dream of plates, denotes that she will practise economy and wina worthy husband.
If already married, she will retain her husband's loveand respect by the wise ordering of his household.
- See Dishes.

 Play:  For a young woman to dream that she attends a play,foretells that she will be courted by a genial friend,and will marry to further her prospects and pleasure seeking.
If there is trouble in getting to and from the play,or discordant and hideous scenes, she will be confrontedwith many displeasing surprises.
- See Theater.

 Pleasure:  To dream of pleasure, denotes gain and personal enjoyment.
- See Joy.

 Plow:  To dream of a plow, signifies unusual success, and affairs will reacha pleasing culmination.
To see persons plowing, denotes activity and advancementin knowledge and fortune.
For a young woman to see her lover plowing, indicates that she will havea noble and wealthy husband.
Her joys will be deep and lasting.
To plow yourself, denotes rapid increase in property and joys.

 Plums:  Plums, if they are green, unless seen on trees, are signs of personaland relative discomfort.
To see them ripe, denotes joyous occasions, which, however, will beof short duration.
To eat them, denotes that you will engage in flirtationsand other evanescent pleasures.
To gather them, you will obtain your desires, but they will not proveso solid as you had imagined.
If you find yourself gathering them up from the ground, and find rottenones among the good, you will be forced to admit that your expectationsare unrealized, and that there is no life filled with pleasure alone.

 Pocket:  To dream of your pocket, is a sign of evil demonstrations against you.

 Pocketbook:  To find a pocketbook filled with bills and money in your dreams,you will be quite lucky, gaining in nearly every instance your desire.
If empty, you will be disappointed in some big hope.
If you lose your pocketbook, you will unfortunately disagree with yourbest friend, and thereby lose much comfort and real gain.

 Poinard:  To dream of some one stabbing you with a poinard, denotes that secretenemies will cause you uneasiness of mind.
If you attack any person with one of these weapons, you will unfortunatelysuspect your friends of unfaithfulness.
Dreaming of poinards, omens evil.
- See Dagger.

 Poison:  To fed that you are poisoned in a dream, denotes that some painfulinfluence will immediately reach you.
If you seek to use poison on others, you will be guilty of base thoughts,or the world will go wrong for you.
For a young woman to dream that she endeavors to rid herselfof a rival in this way, she will be likely to have a dealof trouble in securing a lover.
To throw the poison away, denotes that by sheer force youwill overcome unsatisfactory conditions.
To handle poison, or see others with it, signifies that unpleasantnesswill surround you.
To dream that your relatives or children are poisoned, you will receiveinjury from unsuspected sources.
If an enemy or rival is poisoned, you will overcome obstacles.
To recover from the effects of poison, indicates that youwill succeed after worry.
To take strychnine or other poisonous medicine under the adviceof a physician, denotes that you will undertake some affairfraught with danger.

 Poker:  To dream of seeing a red hot poker, or fighting with one,signifies that you will meet trouble with combative energy.
To play at poker, warns you against evil company; and young women,especially, will lose their moral distinctiveness if they findthemselves engaged in this game.

 Polar Bear:  Polar bears in dreams, are prognostic of deceit,as misfortune will approach you in a seeming fair aspect.
Your bitterest enemies will wear the garb of friendship.
Rivals will try to supersede you.
To see the skin of one, denotes that you will successfullyovercome any opposition.
- See Bear.

 Pole cat:  To dream of a pole-cat, signifies salacious scandals.
To inhale the odor of a pole-cat on your clothes, or otherwise smell one,you will find that your conduct will be considered rude, and your affairswill prove unsatisfactory.
To kill one, denotes that you will overcome formidable obstacles.

 Police:  If the police are trying to arrest you for some crime of which youare innocent, it foretells that you will successfully outstrip rivalry.
If the arrest is just, you will have a season of unfortunate incidents.
To see police on parole, indicates alarming fluctuations in affairs.

 Polishing:  To dream of polishing any article, high attainments will placeyou in enviable positions.

 Politician:  To dream of a politician, denotes displeasing companionships,and incidences where you will lose time and means.
If you engage in political wrangling, it portends that misunderstandingsand ill feeling will be shown you by friends.
For a young woman to dream of taking interest in politics,warns her against designing duplicity,#Polka-
To dream of dancing the polka, denotes pleasant occupations.
- See Dancing.

 Pomegranate:  Pomegranates, when dreamed of, denotes that you will wisely useyour talents for the enrichment of the mind rather than seekingthose pleasures which destroy morality and health.
If your sweetheart gives you one, you will be lured by artfulwiles to the verge of distraction by woman's charms, but innerforces will hold you safe from thralldom.
To eat one, signifies that you will yield yourself a captiveto the personal charms of another.

 Pond:  To see a pond in your dream, denotes that events will bring no emotion,and fortune will retain a placid outlook.
If the pond is muddy, you will have domestic quarrels.
- See Water Puddle and kindred words.

 Pony:  To see ponies in your dreams, signifies moderate speculationswill be rewarded with success.

 Poor:  To dream that you, or any of your friends, appear to be poor,is significant of worry and losses.
- See Pauper.

 Poor house:  To see a poor-house in your dream, denotes you have unfaithful friends,who will care for you only as they can use your money and belongings.

 Pope:  Any dream in which you see the Pope, without speaking to him,warns you of servitude.
You will bow to the will of some master,even to that of women.
To speak to the Pope, denotes that certain high honors are in store for you.
To see the Pope looking sad or displeased, warns you against vice or sorrowof some kind.

 Poplars:  To dream of seeing poplars, is an omen of good, if they are in leaf or bloom.
For a young woman to stand by her lover beneath the blossoms and leavesof a tulip poplar, she will realize her most extravagant hopes.
Her lover will be handsome and polished.
Wealth and friends will be hers.
If they are leafless and withered, she will meet with disappointments.

 Poppies:  Poppies seen in dreams, represents a season of seductive pleasuresand flattering business, but they all occupy unstable foundations.
If you inhale the odor of one, you will be the victim of artfulpersuasions and flattery.
The mesmeric influence of the poppy inducts one into strange atmospheres,leaving materiality behind while the subjective self explores these realmsas in natural sleep; yet these dreams do not bear truthful warningsto the material man.
Being, in a manner, enforced.

 Porcelain:  To dream of porcelain, signifies you will have favorable opportunitiesof progressing in your affairs.
To see it broken or soiled,denotes mistakes will be made which will cause grave offense.

 Porch:  To dream of a porch, denotes that you will engage a new undertakings,and the future will be full of uncertainties.
If a young woman dreams that she is with her lover on a porch,implies her doubts of some one's intentions.
To dream that you build a porch, you will assume new duties.

 Porcupine:  To see a porcupine in your dreams, denotes that you will disapproveany new enterprise and repel new friendships with coldness.
For a young woman to dream of a porcupine, portends that shewill fear her lover.
To see a dead one, signifies your abolishment of ill feelings and possessions.

 Pork:  If you eat pork in your dreams, you will encounter real trouble,but if you only see pork, you will come out of a conflict victoriously.
- See Bacon.

 Porpoise:  To see a porpoise in your dreams, denotes enemies are thrustingyour interest aside, through your own inability to keep peopleinterested in you.

 Porter:  Seeing a porter in a dream, denotes decided bad luck and eventful happenings.
To imagine yourself a porter, denotes humble circumstances.
To hire one, you will be able to enjoy whatever success comes to you.
To discharge one, signifies that disagreeable charges will bepreferred against you.

 Portfolio:  To dream of a portfolio, denotes that your employment will not beto your liking, and you will seek a change in your location.

 Portrait:  To dream of gazing upon the portrait of some beautiful person,denotes that, while you enjoy pleasure, you can but feelthe disquieting and treacherousness of such joys.
Your generalaffairs will suffer loss after dreaming of portraits.
- See Pictures, Photographs, and Paintings.

 Postage:  To dream of postage stamps, denotes system and remuneration in business.
If you try to use cancelled stamps, you will fall into disrepute.
To receive stamps, signifies a rapid rise to distinction.
To see torn stamps, denotes that there are obstacles in your way.

 Postman:  To dream of a postman, denotes that hasty news will more frequentlybe of a distressing nature than otherwise.
- See Letter Carrier.

 Post office:  To dream of a post-office, is a sign of unpleasant tidings.
and ill luck generally.

 Pot:  To dream of a pot, foretells that unimportant events will work you vexation.
For a young woman to see a boiling pot, omens busy employment of pleasant andsocial duties.
To see a broken or rusty one, implies that keen disappointmentwill be experienced by you.

 Potatoes:  Dreaming of potatoes, brings incidents often of good.
To dream of digging them, denotes success.
To dream of eating them, you will enjoy substantial gain.
To cook them, congenial employment.
Planting them, brings realization of desires.
To see them rotting, denotes vanished pleasure and a darkening future.

 Potter:  To dream of a potter, denotes constant employment,with satisfactory results.
For a young woman to see a potter,foretells she will enjoy pleasant engagements.

 Potter's Field:  To see a potter's field in your dreams, denotes you will have povertyand misery to distress you.
For a young woman to walk through a potter'sfield with her lover, she will give up the one she loves in the hopeof mercenary gain.

 Poultry:  To see dressed poultry in a dream, foretells extravaganthabits will reduce your security in money matters.
For a young woman to dream that she is chasing live poultry,foretells she will devote valuable time to frivolous pleasure.

 Powder:  To see powder in your dreams, denotes unscrupulous people are dealingwith you.
You may detect them through watchfulness.

 Prairie:  To dream of a prairie, denotes that you will enjoy ease,and even luxury and unobstructed progress.
An undulating prairie, covered with growing grasses and flowers,signifies joyous happenings.
A barren prairie, represents loss and sadness through the absence of friends.
To be lost on one, is a sign of sadness and ill luck.

 Prayer:  To dream of saying prayers, or seeing others doing so,foretells you will be threatened with failure, which will takestrenuous efforts to avert.

 Preacher:  To dream of a preacher, denotes that your ways are not above reproach,and your affairs will not move evenly.
To dream that you are a preacher, foretells for you losses in business,and distasteful amusements will jar upon you.
To hear preaching, implies that you will undergo misfortune.
To argue with a preacher, you will lose in some contest.
To see one walk away from you, denotes that your affairs will movewith new energy.
If he looks sorrowful, reproaches will fallheavily upon you.
To see a long-haired preacher, denotes that you are shortly to have disputeswith overbearing and egotistical people.

 Precipice:  To dream of standing over a yawning precipice, portends the threateningsof misfortunes and calamities.
To fall over a precipice, denotes that you will be engulfed in disaster.
- See Abyss and Pit.

 Pregnancy:  For a woman to dream that she is pregnant, denotes she will be unhappywith her husband, and her children will be unattractive.
For a virgin, this dream omens scandal and adversity.
If a woman is really pregnant and has this dream, it prognosticatesa safe delivery and swift recovery of strength.

 Present:  To receive presents in your dreams, denotes that you willbe unusually fortunate.
- See Gifts.

 Priest:  A priest is an augury of ill, if seen in dreams.
If he is in the pulpit, it denotes sickness and trouble for the dreamer.
If a woman dreams that she is in love with a priest,it warns her of deceptions and an unscrupulous lover.
If the priest makes love to her, she will be reproached for herlove of gaiety and practical joking.
To confess to a priest, denotes that you will be subjectedto humiliation and sorrow.
These dreams imply that you have done, or will do,something which will bring discomfort to yourself or relatives.
The priest or preacher is your spiritual adviser, and any dream of hisprofessional presence is a warning against your own imperfections.
Seen in social circles, unless they rise before you as spectres,the same rules will apply as to other friends.
- See Preacher.

 Primrose:  To dream of this little flower starring the grass at your feet,is an omen of joys laden with comfort and peace.

 Printer:  To see a printer in your dreams, is a warning of poverty,if you neglect to practice economy and cultivate energy.
For a woman to dream that her lover or associate is a printer,foretells she will fail to please her parents in the selectionof a close friend.

 Printing Office:  To be in a printing office in dreams, denotes that slander and contumelywill threaten youTo run a printing office is indicative of hard luck.
For a young woman to dream that her sweetheart is connectedwith a printing office, denotes that she will have a loverwho is unable to lavish money or time upon her, and she willnot be sensible enough to see why he is so stingy.

 Prison:  To dream of a prison, is the forerunner of misfortune in every instance,if it encircles your friends, or yourself.
To see any one dismissed from prison, denotes that you willfinally overcome misfortune.
- See Jail.

 Privacy:  To dream that your privacy suffers intrusion, foretells youwill have overbearing people to worry you.
For a woman,this dream warns her to look carefully after private affairs.
If she intrudes on the privacy of her husband or lover,she will disabuse some one's confidence, if not carefulof her conversation.

 Prize Fight:  To see a prize fight in your dreams, denotes your affairs will giveyou trouble in controlling them.

 Prize Fighter:  For a young woman to see a prize fighter, foretells she will have pleasurein fast society, and will give her friends much concern about her reputation.

 Procession:  To dream of a procession, denotes that alarming fears willpossess you relative to the fulfilment of expectations.
If it be a funeral procession, sorrow is fast approaching,and will throw a shadow around pleasures.
To see or participate in a torch-light procession, denotes that youwill engage in gaieties which will detract from your real merit.

 Profanity:  To dream of profanity, denotes that you will cultivate those traitswhich render you coarse and unfeeling toward your fellow man.
To dream that others use profanity, is a sign that you will be injuredin some way, and probably insulted also.

 Profits:  To dream of profits, brings success in your immediate future.
- See Gain.

 Promenade:  To dream of promenading, foretells that you will engage in energeticand profitable pursuits.
To see others promenading, signifies that you will have rivalsin your pursuits.

 Property:  To dream that you own vast property, denotes that you will be successfulin affairs, and gain friendships.
- See Wealth.

 Prostitute:  To dream that you are in the company of a prostitute, denotes that youwill incur the righteous scorn of friends for some ill-mannered conduct.
For a young woman to dream of a prostitute, foretells thatshe will deceive her lover as to her purity or candor.
This dream to a married woman brings suspicion of her husbandand consequent quarrels.
- See Harlot.

 Publican:  To dream of a publican, denotes that you will have your sympathies arousedby some one in a desperate condition, and you will diminish your own gainfor his advancement.
To a young woman, this dream brings a worthy lover;but because of his homeliness she will trample on his feelings unnecessarily.

 Publisher:  To dream of a publisher, foretells long journeys and aspirationsto the literary craft.
If a woman dreams that her husband is a publisher, she will be jealousof more than one woman of his acquaintance, and spicy scenes will ensue.
For a publisher to reject your manuscript, denotes that you willsuffer disappointment at the miscarriage of cherished designs.
If he accepts it, you will rejoice in the full fruition of your hopes.
If he loses it, you will suffer evil at the hands of strangers.

 Puddings:  To dream of puddings, denotes small returns from large investments,if you only see it.
To eat it, is proof that your affairs will be disappointing.
For a young woman to cook, or otherwise prepare a pudding,denotes that her lover will be sensual and worldly minded,and if she marries him, she will see her love and fortune vanish.

 Puddle:  To find yourself stepping into puddles of clear water in a dream,denotes a vexation, but some redeeming good in the future.
If the water be muddy, unpleasantness will go a few rounds with you.
To wet your feet by stepping into puddles, foretells that your pleasurewill work you harm afterwards.

 Pulpit:  To dream of a pulpit, denotes sorrow and vexation.
To dream that you are in a pulpit, foretells sickness, and unsatisfactoryresults in business or trades of any character.

 Pulse:  To dream of your pulse, is warning to look after your affairs and healthwith close care, as both are taking on debilitating conditions.
To dream of feeling the pulse of another, signifies that you are committingdepredations in Pleasure's domain.

 Pump:  To see a pump in a dream, denotes that energy and faithfulnessto business will produce desired riches, good health also isusually betokened by this dream.
To see a broken pump, signifies that the means of advancing in lifewill be absorbed by family cares.
To the married and the unmarried,it intimates blasted energies.
If you work a pump, your life will be filled with pleasureand profitable undertakings.

 Punch:  To dream of drinking the concoction called punch, denotes that youwill prefer selfish pleasures to honorable distinction and morality.
To dream that you are punching any person with a club or fist,denotes quarrels and recriminations.

 Pup:  To dream of pups, denotes that you will entertain the innocent and hapless,and thereby enjoy pleasure.
The dream also shows that friendshipswill grow stronger, and fortune will increase if the pups are healthfuland well formed, and #vice versa# if they are lean and filthy.
- See Dogs and Hound Pups.

 Purchases:  To dream of purchases usually augurs profit and advancement with pleasure.

 Purse:  To dream of your purse being filled with diamonds and new bills,denotes for you associations where ''Good Cheer is the watchword,and harmony and tender loves will make earth a beautiful place.
- See Pocket-book.

 Putty:  To dream of working in putty, denotes that hazardous chanceswill be taken with fortune.
If you put in a window-pane with putty, you will seek fortunewith poor results.

 Pyramid:  To dream of pyramids, denotes that many changes will come to you.
If you scale them, you will journey along before you find the gratificationof desires.
For the young woman, it prognosticates a husband who is inno sense congenial.
To dream that you are studying the mystery of the ancient pyramids,denotes that you will develop a love for the mysteries of nature,and you will become learned and polished.

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