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Glossary Y  Yacht:  To see a yacht in a dream, denotes happy recreation awayfrom business and troublesome encumbrances.
A stranded one,represents miscarriage of entertaining engagements.

 Yankee:  To dream of a Yankee, foretells that you will remain loyaland true to your promise and duty, but if you are not carefulyou will be outwitted in some transaction.

 Yard Stick:  To dream of a yard stick, foretells much anxiety will possess you,though your affairs assume unusual activity.

 Yarn:  To dream of yarn, denotes success in your business and an industriouscompanion in your home.
For a young woman to dream that she works with yarn, foretells that shewill be proudly recognized by a worthy man as his wife.

 Yawning:  If you yawn in your dreams, you will search in vain forhealth and contentment.
To see others yawning, foretells that you will see some of your friendsin a miserable state.
Sickness will prevent them from their usual labors.

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 Yearn:  To feel in a dream that you are yearning for the presence of anyone,denotes that you will soon hear comforting tidings from your absent friends.
For a young woman to think her lover is yearning for her, she will havethe pleasure of soon hearing some one making a long-wished-for proposal.
If she lets him know that she is yearning for him, she will be left aloneand her longings will grow apace.

 Yellow Bird:  To see a yellow bird flitting about in your dreams, foretells that somegreat event will cast a sickening fear of the future around you.
To see it sick or dead, foretells that you will suffer foranother's wild folly.

 Yew Tree:  To dream of a yew tree, is a forerunner of illness and disappointment.
If a young woman sits under one, she will have many fears to rend her overher fortune and the faithfulness of her lover.
If she sees her loverstanding by one, she may expect to hear of his illness, or misfortune.
To admire one, she will estrange herself from her relatives by a mesalliance.
To visit a yew tree and find it dead and stripped of its foliage,predicts a sad death in your family.
Property will not consolefor this loss.

 Yield:  To dream you yield to another's wishes, denotes that you will throwaway by weak indecision a great opportunity to elevate yourself.
If others yield to you, exclusive privileges will be accordedyou and you will be elevated above your associates.
To receive poor yield for your labors, you may expect cares and worries.

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 Yoke:  To dream of seeing a yoke, denotes that you will unwillinglyconform to the customs and wishes of others.
To yoke oxen in your dreams, signifies that your judgment andcounsels will be accepted submissively by those dependent upon you.
To fail to yoke them, you will be anxious over some prodigal friend.

 Young:  To dream of seeing young people, is a prognostication of reconciliationof family disagreements and favorable times for planning new enterprises.
To dream that you are young again, foretells that you will make mightyefforts to recall lost opportunities, but will nevertheless fail.
For a mother to see her son an infant or small child again,foretells that old wounds will be healed and she will take on heryouthful hopes and cheerfulness.
If the child seems to be dying,she will fall into ill fortune and misery will attend her.
To see the young in school, foretells that prosperity and usefulnesswill envelope you with favors.

 Yule Log:  To dream of a yule log, foretells that your joyous anticipationswill be realized by your attendance at great festivities.

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