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Characters Needed:
1 Magician
10 girls (preferably all with ponytails and wearing similar clothes and as many blondes as possible)
1 random person

a glass of water
a table/stand for the water to sit on
a cloth to cover the table and glass

At the start of the skit, have the ten girls and random person embedded in the audience as the the magician walks on stage.

Magician: Hello everyone! My name is Mario the Magnificent! I am a magician extraordinaire! Tonight, I will blow your minds as I transport a mouth full of water down a line of volunteers without touching them! Now, can I get some volunteers? I'm going to need 10.

Ten girls: (say phrases like "OH OH! ME! ME!" "PICK ME." "I WANT TO." "PICK ME PICK ME!" "LET ME DO IT.")

Magician: Alright! Let's have you, you, you, you, (and continue until all 10 girls are picked). Alright! Come on stage with me and line up!

Ten girls: (Come on stage saying phrases like "Woo hoo!" "Alright!" "LET'S DO THIS!"

Magician: Now please stand in a row holding hands. (The girls follow his command.)

Magician: Now, you girl's part is that when I give you the signal, turn to each other like you're whispering to one another BUT DO NOT let go of each others' hands! Got that? It's very simple.

Ten girls: (Say phrases like "yup" "we're ready" "Uh huh!")

Magician: Good! Now, let the magic begin! Ladies and Gentleman, I give you...THE MAGIC WATER! (Whips the cloth off the cup and table)

Ten girls: (Gasp at the same and say the line at the same time with voice inflection) OOOOO!!!

Magician: (Pours half the glass into his mouth then points at the girls but the girls do nothing still smiling.
Magician points at the girls again, but the girls still do nothing. Magician swallows water.) Why didn't you ladies do your part?

1st Girl in Line: Because you never gave us the signal!

Magician: Yes I did! Twice!

2nd Girl in Line: Well, you should've told us!

Magician: Alright...when I POINT TO YOU, do your part. Got that?

Ten girls: (Nod)

Magician: OK. Let's do this again. (The magician drinks the rest of the water.)

1st Girl in Line: (Turns and whispers to the 2nd girl in line without letting go of each other's hands. The moment she does this, the magician swallows his water as fast and as secretly as possible.)

Random Man: Oh please! You call this a magic trick? This is lame!

Magician: (Puts on the oh-no-you-didn't face and says) You want to come and say that to my face?

Random Man: Sure! (Runs on stage and comes face to face with the magician.) Oh please! You call this a magic trick? This is lame!

Magician: So you don't think this is going to work?

Random Man: I bet you 20 bucks this won't work!

Magician: Oh yeah? I bet you 40 bucks it will!

Random Man: I'll take that bet!

Magician: Deal! (The magician walks over to the last girl in the line and asks) Do you think it will work?

Last Girl in Line: (Nods vigorously)

Random man: Are you positive?

Last girl: (As she says her line, water falls out of her mouth) Positive!

NOTE:(The trick to this is to have the last girl fill her mouth with water but not let her cheeks puff out and not say any lines, only nod. This comedy routine and magic trick will make the crowd go wild!)

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