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This hilarious skit has been making campers laugh since the 1970's or before. It is a fantastic skit for a girls' cabin.

Arrange the chairs like a doctor's waiting room. One camper plays the office receptionist, and a patient enters, checks in and sits down. Then another patient enters. This patient comes in coughing. The first patient starts coughing after hearing her cough.

The first patient continues to cough. Then, another patient enters and is scratching. The first patient begins scratching, and continues to cough.

A third patient enters and is sneezing. The first patient, who is already coughing and scratching, begins to sneeze too.

A fourth patient enters with an obvious headache. The first patient is now coughing, scratching, sneezing and holding her head like she has a headache.

Lastly, a fifth patient enters who appears to be nine months pregnant. The patient (who is coughing, scratching, sneezing and holding her head) gasps, screams and runs off the stage.

(If you have extra person, you can add in a patient that is limping, has a stomach ache, has the hiccups, etc.)

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