Crazy Records

GigglePEDIA GigglePEDIA is now connected to a database where almost every soul on earth has a kind of record for doing something funny e.g cheating in exam, shop lifting, fraud or cheating behind their partners. If you find your record here and you believe it is not correct, contact your local authorty to fix it. We are just messenger, don't kill us!
Crazy Records

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Lora   2/9/2019 3:07:45 AM
Lora secretly slid few bed sheets inside shirt's long hidden pocket. Really!!

Betsy   2/4/2019 3:51:20 PM
Betsy has at least secret 2 secret lovers in Tampa. And one of them said to be known as ARLIE

Julian   12/18/2018 1:37:17 AM
Julian was hooked up with HARLEY!!

Very true.

maddie jeeves   4/14/2018 7:56:37 AM
katy perry is so funny and you know amber heard broke up with johnny for another person well guess what newsflash it weren't a man WOMAN

vicki   4/14/2018 7:54:04 AM
so funny reply please

Trump   4/4/2018 2:35:35 AM
Trump could have 2 or more secret lovers!! ROFL - that's too few ROFL

tinkerbell   2/17/2018 12:04:27 PM
omg that was so funny I absoloutely love that website. a chill has gone down the back of my spine bot omd or oh my daze I'm a cheat and a shoplifter ttt ttt

Shona   11/12/2017 3:43:26 AM
Just one lover, that's is insult.

Ender   9/14/2017 10:37:32 PM
WTF! I'm 13. How the hell do i have 4 lovers?

pranav   4/25/2017 12:40:08 AM
i am 9 years old how can i have a girlfriend

milky way   4/25/2017 12:38:32 AM
i am an astronaut not engineer

justin   4/25/2017 12:34:54 AM
i did not push chocolattes in my long sock

Justin   3/26/2017 9:27:06 PM
My name is Justin and i don't rob stores...only the liquor stores of their wine.

Jacob Petry   10/19/2016 4:24:43 PM
Wtf thats not me!

Zena   9/11/2016 6:02:04 PM
Oh wow this is so funny just reading through my so called records lol

Reshmi   5/19/2016 9:17:39 AM
Lol, it was nice reading my record :)

Manish   12/22/2015 11:05:03 AM
That's not so funny but gives you smile!

Saddam Hussain   9/5/2015 3:53:41 AM
Saddam Hussain = 8 secret affairs?? ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL You know it is not true.

Danny   8/31/2015 10:02:47 AM

Jennifer Aniston   7/31/2015 2:01:23 AM
now now do you thinks I am that bad?

Robin Hood   7/17/2015 1:37:36 AM
very funny -:)

Hitler   3/20/2015 2:09:36 AM
Scheiße, Scheiße, Scheiße

kalya   3/13/2015 4:27:00 PM
i like this

no name   2/7/2015 4:16:52 PM
thats not true wtf

michelle   1/8/2015 9:42:54 AM
For devilworshipping

George Bush   11/25/2014 5:27:01 PM
Anyone beaten my record yet?

Rambo   10/12/2014 3:00:17 AM
I will be back. Rambo LA

dun wanna spell my n   5/6/2014 11:13:48 PM
Lol... i was arrested for having unlimited xxx ... haha.. dats insane :P

Angela Merke   2/14/2014 3:39:21 PM
scheißen scheißen scheißen

Captain Nemo   1/31/2014 3:39:47 AM
please remove my record. thanks

Reshma   1/15/2014 11:50:54 PM
how does it work?

Sherry   1/2/2014 7:23:54 PM
yep just hilarious ...

Joanna   12/17/2013 1:21:59 PM
I checked for my bf and he admitted some of it ... lol

Jill   11/18/2013 12:18:24 PM
just hilarious .....

Shane Warne   10/12/2013 3:27:44 PM
my cheating record is so true. how did you get it?

Amber   10/1/2013 9:48:23 AM

Joe   5/10/2013 2:49:28 PM
all wrong, that was bout Joe - my nabor.

Harun   4/10/2013 1:17:24 PM
just silly me or is that true?

Harry Potter   2/18/2013 1:45:23 AM
naught me naught me

Moris   2/11/2013 1:29:54 PM
that;s awsome man

Shakespear   2/9/2013 3:35:53 PM
damn i never studied physics

lc   1/28/2013 7:53:32 PM
i'm a badass

Bill Clinton   12/21/2012 7:46:51 PM
me President not Plumber. my record belongs to som'on else

Tiger Wood   9/5/2012 2:53:29 AM
my record is out of date, it shows i have only 5 partners. i say it is no where near truth.

Roshni   9/4/2012 10:28:44 AM
lol that's so funny

Hitler   7/30/2012 5:02:23 AM
i am innocent

Hillary Clinton   7/17/2012 2:21:26 AM
i have more secret lovers thank Bill :)

Barrack   7/5/2012 3:13:03 AM
i have 8 lovers :)

Rebecca   6/17/2012 5:39:58 PM
i have 7 lovers? that's lie - only 9 :D

chris turner   6/17/2012 2:50:52 AM
wtf .......................

Steven   6/13/2012 5:22:29 AM
lol, i showed my record to my gf and she really thought i am cheater until she saw her own record.

confused   6/4/2012 2:36:57 AM
i am all confused

Ronaldo   5/17/2012 3:41:12 AM
WTF - who did it?

Adam   4/20/2012 8:09:51 AM

Sophie   4/6/2012 6:31:52 PM
i have short memory, never knew i have only 3 lovers

Rick   4/4/2012 1:20:47 PM
i sound AWESOME!

Hack   3/28/2012 1:51:48 PM
im bad ass

Agatha Christie   3/23/2012 12:45:11 AM
this is hilarious since i made so many criminal records myself :) :)

Inspector Rex   3/5/2012 9:26:22 AM
ah comon, this is BS

sherlock holmes   3/5/2012 12:29:08 AM
what shall i do now, even i have a criminal records. i would catch myself first

James Bond   2/25/2012 4:03:09 AM
my record is very mild what i a doing

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