Ditch Letter Generator

GigglePEDIA Are you tottaly lost at finding words for ditching someone? GigglePedia has developed a ditch-letter generator suitable for all stalkers.  Whether you want to end the relationship altogether or just "stir" your stalker up a bit, you can send them a personalized letter. (Also see other Funny Generators!)
Ditch Letter
Compose your stalker a nice little note to let him/her know just exactly how you feel. Your choices and comments will open in a new window. You may then copy and paste it into an email to the scumbag of your choice.

To: From:
Put down that and listen up...
I've beenand, unable to express my feelings in a way in which you would understand, so I hope you get the point.
While we're at it,then you better
And one last thing... (say something witty)

In closing, I'd like to say...


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