Chocolate Tower (game) For this game you need a table, and 3 of each: volunteers, chairs, chocolate bars, blindfolds, and pairs of latex gloves.

1. Have contestants sit in a chair, the wrapped chocolate bars in front of them.

2. Explain that whoever unwraps the bar and builds a tower the fastest is the winner. The tower can be one on top of the other, a pyramid, criss-cross, or anything they think of.

3. Say, “On your mark, get set...” then interrupt by announcing that they must use latex gloves.

4. Once again, “On your mark, get set...”, and again interrupt by announcing that they must be blindfolded as well!

5. Now, you can start! The winner is the one done first.

If you have a smart-aleck who begins to eat the chocolate, since he or she is blindfolded, slide the chocolate pieces out of the way!