Adversity (dream) To dream that you are in the clutches of adversity, denotes that youwill have failures and continued bad prospects.
To see others in adversity, portends gloomy surroundings, and the illnessof some one will produce grave fears of the successful working of plans.
-- The old dream books give this as a sign of coming prosperity.
This definition is untrue.
There are two forces at work in man, one fromwithin and the other from without.
They are from two distinct spheres;the animal mind influenced by the personal world of carnal appetites,and the spiritual mind from the realm of universal Brotherhood,present antagonistic motives on the dream consciousness.
If these twoforces were in harmony, the spirit or mental picture from the dreammind would find a literal fulfilment in the life of the dreamer.
The pleasurable sensations of the body cause the spirit anguish.
The selfish enrichment of the body impoverishes the spirit influence uponthe Soul.
The trials of adversity often cause the spirit to rejoiceand the flesh to weep.
If the cry of the grieved spirit is lefton the dream mind it may indicate to the dreamer worldly advancement,but it is hardly the theory of the occult forces, which have contributedto the contents of this book.