Gross Domestic Product (game) This takes quite a bit of setup and some baking skills. Create six desserts: one real, five gross. The key is to make each dessert LOOK appetizing. We made a ketchup smoothie ("berry milkshake"), whipped mayo and strawberries ("strawberries and cream"), avocado pie ("key lime pie"), cookies with LOTS of salt and pepper with sour cream in the middle ("cookie sandwiches"), whipped mayo with sprinkles ("vanilla pudding"), and our real dessert was brownies with Twix in them ("chunky brownies").

The students must choose only ONE to eat by smelling and looking ONLY. They cannot touch the stuff or talk about their choices. Once everyone has reached a decision, they must eat a handful/spoonful and see if they were right.

The Point: There are many choices of how to live your life and what gods to follow, but only one is real: Jesus. We also taught that you don't have to taste everything under the sun to know when you have the real answer...the kid who picked the brownies KNOWS he's right without tasting the other gross stuff.