Hefalump Game, The (game) Have 3 people who know the object of the game hiding out of the room with a cup of water and a blanket. The leader then explains that he has found a rare creature (the hefalump) and that it is skilled in many areas. To build it up the leader starts to explain how people must be quiet and not stare or point as it may upset the hefalump.

The leader then goes and gets the people who have the blanket over their heads and the back person has the cup of water. They come back in and the leader says it can do math, so he starts asking questions like 2+2, then the hefalump using one of its legs taps out the answer.

After doing this a couple of times you say even though it has no eyes it can step over things without treading on them. Ask for 3 volunteers to come forward. Have them lie on the floor. As you introduce them all and say which position they are in, emphasize one. Then as the hefalump lifts his leg over the one who has been emphasized, the hefalump pours the water all over him/her!