GigglePEDIA These are not 'legal' laws or penal codes of any country but just casual statments which has become law in it-self throughout the world. In modern times, Murphy's laws are well known which symbolize the error-prone nature of people and processes. GigglePEDIA has large collection of these laws from hundreds of authors .
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Law of Lawmaking:
Labor Law:
First Law of Laboratory Work:
LaCombe's Rule of Percentages:
Langin's Law:
Langsam's Law:
Lani's Principles of Economics:
La Rochefoucauld's Law:
Larrimer's Constant:
Law of Late-Comers :
Laura's Law :
Lawyer's Rule :
Leahy's Law :
Le Chatelier's Law :
Lenin's Law :
Le Pelley's Law :
Les Miserables Metalaw :
Levy's Ten Laws of the Disillusionment of the True Liberal :
Lewis's Laws :
Liebling's Law :
Lilly's Metalaw :
Lloyd-Jones's Law of Leftovers:
Law of Local Anesthesia :
Long's Notes :
Law of the Lost Inch :
Lowrey's Law :
Lowrey's Law of Expertise :
Lubarsky's Law of Cybernetic Entomology :
Lubin's Law :
Luce's Law :
Lucy's Law :
Luten's Laws :
Lyall's Conjecture:
Lyall's Fundamental Observation:
Lynch's Law:
Lyon's Law of Hesitation:
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