GigglePEDIA These are not 'legal' laws or penal codes of any country but just casual statments which has become law in it-self throughout the world. In modern times, Murphy's laws are well known which symbolize the error-prone nature of people and processes. GigglePEDIA has large collection of these laws from hundreds of authors .
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Law of Permanence:
Panic Instruction:
Paperboy's rule of Weather:
Paradox of Selective Equality:
Pardo's Postulates:
Pareto's Law (The 20/80 Law):
Parker's Rule of Parliamentary Procedure:
Parker's Law of Political Statements:
Parker's Third Rule of Tech Support:
Parkin's Law of Irritation:
Parkinson's Axioms:
Parkinson's First Law:
Parkinson's Second Law:
Parkinson's Third Law:
Parkinson's Fourth Law:
Parkinson's Fifth Law:
Parkinson's Sixth Law:
Parkinson's Law of Delay:
Parkinson's Law of Medical Research:
Parkinson's Law of the Telephone:
Parkinson's Law of 1000:
Parkinson's Principle of Non-Origination:
Mrs. Parkinson's Law:
Parson's Laws:
Dolly Parton's Principle:
Pastore's Truths:
Patricks's Theorem:
Patton's Law:
Paturi Principle:
Paul Principle:
Paul's Law:
Paulg's Law:
Peck's Programming Postulates (Philosophic Engineering appli
Peckham's Law (Beckhap's Law?):
Peers's Law:
Captain Penny's Law:
Perelman's Point:
Perkin's postulate:
Perlsweig's Law:
Persig's Postulate:
Law of the Perversity of Nature:
Peter Principle:
Peter's Hidden Postulate According to Godin:
Peter's Inversion:
Peter's Law of Evolution:
Peter's Law of Substitution:
Peter's Observation:
Peter's Paradox:
Peter's Perfect People Palliative:
Peter's Placebo:
Peter's Prognosis:
Peter's Rule for Creative Incompetence:
Peter's Theorem:
Peterson's Law:
Phases of a Project:
Phelps's Laws of Renovation:
Phelps's Law of Retributive Statistics:
Theory of the International Society of Philosophic Engineeri
Phone Booth Rule:
Pierson's Law:
Pike Law of Punditry:
Plotnick's Law:
Law of Political Erosion:
Politicians' Rules:
The Pollyanna Paradox:
Potter's Law:
Poulsen's Law:
Pournelle's Law of Costs and Schedules:
Powell's Law:
Law of Predictive Action:
Preudhomme's Law of Window Cleaning:
Price's Law of Politics:
Price's Law of Science:
The Principle Concerning Multifunctional Devices:
Law of Probable Dispersal:
Laws of Procrastination:
The productivity, P, of a group of people is:
Professional's Law:
Proverbial Law:
Public Relations Client Turnover Law:
First Rule of Public Speaking:
Pudder's Law:
Puritan's Law:
Putney's Law:
Putt's Law:
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