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  A contest for designing the best holiday decorations could be called an _____ _____.
ornament tournament

  A corpulent pastrami-lover might have a ______ ______.
	deli belly

  A cup of darjeeling served gratis is _____ _____. :  free tea

  A dolphin's cousin' is a ______ ______.:  	cetacean relation

  A good way to describe an excellent herb is ______ ______.:  	prime thyme

  A hatred of giving formal speeches might be called ______ ______.:  	podium odium

  A male with osteoporosis could be called a ______ ______.:  	bent gent

  A moderate amount of boredom is _____ _____.:  	medium tedium

  A penny-pinching horn player is a ______ ______.:  	frugaler bugler

  A place to store your orthodontic appliance is a ______ ______.:  	retainer container

  A relative you see only on holidays is a _____ _____.:  	vacation relation

  A remnant of pajama fabric is a ______ ______.:  	flannel panel

  A restraint for a wild dog could be called a _________ _________.:  	jackal shackle

  A small tasty bite from a rump roast is a ______ ______.:  	dorsal morsel

  A wave of nausea could be called a ______ ______.:  	reeling feeling

  Fear of making a faux pas is ______ ______.:  	error terror

  How can you raffle off your ceramics?:  	pottery lottery

  How could you describe a crowded piece of real estate?:  	packed tract

  How could you describe a desiccated insect?:  	dry fly

  How could you describe a hairless female equine creature?:  	bare mare

  How did Mr. Jagger label his jar of VapoRub?:  	Mick's Vicks

  How did the pond-dwellers nickname a saturated amphibian?:  	Soggy Froggy

  How did the teacher refer to her wise pupil?:  	prudent student

  How do you feel when you are tired of constant questions?:  	query weary<BR>

  If drums could talk, they'd have a _____ _____.
percussion discussion

  If the variety of bird that's sometimes served for dinner happened to be an albino it would be a ______ ______.:  	pale quail

  If Tinkerbell became hirsute, she'd be a ________ ________.:  	hairy fairy

  If you bring up the fact that you're under a lot of stress, you ______ ______.:  	mention tension

  If you obey your equestrian pet, you ______ ______.:  	heed steed

  If you spend you entire allowance on French cheese, you've had a _____ _____. brie spree
If you steal a steak, you ______ ______.: 
	purloin sirloin

  If your friend tells a long, sad story, you've had a ______ ______.:  	tearful earful<BR>

  In the 1920's, a well-dressed young woman might have been called a ______:  	dapper flapper<BR>

  Lingering ill will towards someone who stole your chocolate could be called a _____ _____.
fudge grudge<BR>

  Prose on the subject of pugilism is ______ ______.:  	fighting writing<BR>Since the teacher was totally unable to make the class understand the lesson, he had ______ ______.<BR>Answer:<BR>	taught naught<BR>Someone who enjoys running in the snow is a ______ ______.<BR>Answer:<BR>	winter sprinter<BR>Something that restrains a desert animal is a ______ ______.<BR>Answer:<BR>	camel trammel<BR>Terry cloth in desperate need of laundering is a ______ ______.<BR>Answer:<BR>	foul towel<BR>

  The boss' plan for assigning the factory workers to their jobs was an ______ ______.:  	employment deployment<BR>The commercial for steel wool pads claimed they have ______ ______.<BR>Answer:<BR>	scour power<BR>

  The crazy manservant was called a ______ ______.:  	wacky lackey<BR>

  What did the overfed crustacean develop?:  	crab flab

  What did the robbers do at the Lipton's factory?:  	seize teas

  What did the Romans call Julius' abductor?:  	Caesar seizer

  What did the sovereign call his bird of prey?:  	a regal eagle

  What did the subjects call the King's bird?:  	regal eagle

  What did the tot call her prepared nocturnal companion?:  	ready Teddy

  What did the writer call his brief poetry?:  	terse verse

  What did they call the archer at the Colosseum?:  	Roman bowman

  What do they call a beauty salon treatment in the tundra?:  	glacial facial

  What do they call a skin eruption in Flanders?:  	Flemish blemish

  What do you call a baby bear's favorite fish?:  	cub's chubs

  What do you call a bear that loves to be in the sun?:  	solar polar

  What do you call a book for a dwarf?:  	gnome tome

  What do you call a bunch of songs guaranteed to completely bore you?:  	deadly medley

  What do you call a criminal who absconds with foliage?:  	leaf thief

  What do you call a downpour on the Champs Elysées?:  	French drench

  What do you call a fight using daggers?:  	knife strife

  What do you call a fortune teller's income?:  	prophet's profits

  What do you call a fruitful moment in time?:  	fecund second

  What do you call a group of musicians who are prohibited from performing?:  	banned band

  What do you call a joke about a Stradivarius?:  	fiddle riddle

  What do you call a julep aftertaste?:  	mint hint

  What do you call a man-made reservoir?:  	fake lake

  What do you call a milk market on a plain?:  	prairie dairy<BR>

  What do you call a plump flying nocturnal cave dweller?:  	fat bat

  What do you call a prairie owned by a girl?:  	lass's grasses

  What do you call a rendezvous on the run?:  	fleeting meeting

  What do you call a slender crusader?:  	slight knight

  What do you call a spice at the pinnacle of flavor?:  	prime thyme

  What do you call a sportsman's watch?:  	jock clock

  What do you call a stone who won't roll with the rest of them?:  	rebel pebble

  What do you call a stretchy writing instrument?:  	tensile pencil

  What do you call a sufficient specimen?:  	an ample sample

  What do you call a superlative basement?:  	stellar cellar

  What do you call a toddler's velocipede?:  	tyke bike

  What do you call a weird baboon?:  	funky monkey

  What do you call a yellow fog?:  	maize haze

  What do you call an albino grizzly?:  	fair bear

  What do you call an aloof caller?:  	loner phoner

  What do you call an amphibian's guts?:  	lizard's gizzards

  What do you call an aquatic animal's aspiration?:  	fish wish

  What do you call an aromatic wanderer?:  	fragrant vagrant

  What do you call an artificial reptile?:  	fake snake

  What do you call an igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic object which plays many sports?:  	jock rock

  What do you call an inconspicuous spaceship?:  	subtle shuttle

  What do you call an insect's rave?:  	ant's rant

  What do you call an unorganized computer disk?:  	sloppy floppy

  What do you call an unupholstered recliner?:  	bare chair<BR><BR>Riddle	Answer

  What do you call bovine warfare?:  	cattle battle

  What do you call censorship of true stories?:  	nonfiction restriction

  What do you call correspondence from a ski resort?:  	Vail mail

  What do you call crimson spun cotton?:  	red thread

  What do you call David's manual greetings?:  	Dave's waves

  What do you call enmity in a castle?:  	palace malice

  What do you call environmental humor?:  	earth mirth

  What do you call expired milk?:  	hairy dairy

  What do you call hearsay about a tenant?:  	roomer rumor

  What do you call Joseph's phalanges?:  	Joe's toes

  What do you call postmarked cologne?:  	sent scent

  What do you call someone who restarts a PC?:  	computer rebooter<BR>what do you call the President when he's indisposed?<BR>Answer:<BR>	ill Bill

  What do you call the sovereign's garden?:  	royal soil

  What do you call the wimpier PA System?:  	weaker speaker

  What do you do to challenge an ursine creature?:  	dare bear

  What do you do when you antagonize a cashier?:  	irk clerk

  What do you do when you clench a gilded object?:  	hold gold

  What do you do when you irritate a joker?:  	pester jester

  What do you do when you lay a concrete floor in your grotto?:  	pave cave

  What do you do when you relish something scrumptious?:  	savor flavor

  What do you do when you slurp a big sundae?:  	lap frappe

  What do you do when you want to purchase textile pigments?:  	buy dye

  What do you feel in an airport argument?:  	hangar anger<BR>

  What does Ernie call his rude companion?:  	curt Bert

  What does Oscar call his davenport?:  	grouch couch

  What does Rover do at mealtime?:  	nibbles Kibbles.

  What does Santa grow when he forgets his manicure?:  	Claus claws

  What headline did newspaper readers see when Dr. Jekyll's alter ego expired?:  	Hyde Died!

  What instrument did the male septuagenarian use to remove his splinter?:  	geezer's tweezers

  What is a symptom of a respiratory ailment suffered by dogs' parasites?:  	fleas' wheeze

  What is it called when you refuse to vote?:  	election rejection

  What is the final rhyme of the school year?:  	Ciao now!

  What kind of toast was Napoleon served in exile?:  	Elba Melba

  What might you call a chapel made of wood?:  	birch church

  What might you call a getup for a hold-up?:  	loot suit

  What might you call a grieving resident of Sherwood Forest?:  	sobbin' Robin

  What might you call a Parisian excavation?:  	French trench

  What might you see in a priest's dormitory?:  	monks' bunks

  What nickname did friends give to adroit Sandra?:  	Handy Sandy

  What nickname was given to a shipshape mountain lass?:  	Tidy Heidi

  What should you use to clean a floppy?:  	disk whisk

  What ursine creature says no to drugs?:  	D.A.R.E bear

  What was Old Faithful called when it held back?:  	Miser Geyser

  What was Puff's Radio Flyer?:  	dragon wagon

  What was the maid called after she burned off calories vacuuming?:  	leaner cleaner

  What was the man who was afraid of planes diagnosed with?:  	Leer fear

  What would you call an ornithological oratory?:  	beak speak<BR>

  What would you find in an arboretum for stingers?:  	bees' trees<BR>What's a good name for a fortuitous fowl?<BR>Answer:<BR>	Lucky Ducky<BR>What's a monkey's favorite candy?<BR>Answer:<BR>	Rhesus pieces<BR>What's a slang term for a fabulous apartment?<BR>Answer:<BR>	rad pad<BR>What's another name for a solitary Scottish biscuit?<BR>Answer:<BR>	lone scone<BR>What's another name for a taper holder?<BR>Answer:<BR>	candle handle<BR>What's another term for an infant wildebeest?<BR>Answer:<BR>	new gnu

  When a museum refuses to display some paintings, it ______ ______.:  	prohibits exhibits

  When he was upset, the bovine creature shed ______ ______.:  	steer's tears

  When killer bees surround you they _______ _______.:  	form swarm

  When the diner overindulged on lamb chops, he was a ______ ______.:  	mutton glutton

  When the families on the block worked together to clean up their street, they called it ____ ____. neighbor labor
When the gardener ran out of potting soil, she had an ______ ______.: 
	earth dearth

  When the kids teased the timid lad, they called him a _____ _____. coy boy
When the monastery fell into disrepair, it was called a _____ _____. shabby abbey
When the poet was censored he was known as a _______ _________.: 
	barred bard

  When the professor wipes off her spectacles, she ______ ______.:  	cleanses lenses<BR>	soaps scopes

  When the Queen got a carbuncle, her doctor said it was a _____ _____. royal boil
When there's a lack of freezing precipitation, you have ______ ________.: 
	no snow

  When you grab a 2 x 4, you ______ ______.:  	yank plank

  When you hire a doctor, you _______ _______.:  	commission physician

  When you motivate someone to be energetic, you ______ ______.:  	trigger vigor

  When you teach a trick to the smallest of the litter, it's a _______ __________.:  	runt stunt<BR>

  When your teacher forbids you to write any more essays, she's imposed a ______ ______.:  	composition prohibition<BR>Where are dirty clothes put in a Winnebago?<BR>Answer:<BR>	camper hamper<BR>Where are imagined vehicles parked?<BR>Answer:<BR>	mirage garage<BR>Where did Pele store his uniform?<BR>Answer:<BR>	soccer locker<BR>Where did Poe's bird sequester itself?<BR>Answer:<BR>	raven haven<BR>Where did the guards cross the threshold to the castle?<BR>Answer:<BR>	at the sentry entry<BR>Where does a scientist clean up after a messy experiment?<BR>Answer:<BR>	laboratory lavatory<BR>Where is genetic material duplicated?<BR>Answer:<BR>	clone zone

  With today's thin-tip pens, John Hancock would have been a ______ ______.:  	finer signer<BR>You could call a slight caprice a ______ ______.<BR>Answer:<BR>	flimsy whimsy<BR>You could call imperfections in a statute the ______ ______.<BR>Answer:<BR>	law's flaws<BR>Your favorite encyclopedia is your ______ ______.<BR>Answer:<BR>	reference preference<BR>

  The money spent on ingredients for baking brioche is _____ _____. dough dough
The monkey's thin pancakes were ______ ______.: 
	ape's crepes<BR>

  The nimble-footed dancer was said to have _____ _____. :  fleet feet<BR>

  The obituary section of a newspaper is a ________ ________.:  	solemn column<BR><BR>

  The vertical supports on a manor are the _______ ________.:  	mansion's stanchions

  What beverage quenches your thirst at the 18th hole?:  	tee tea<BR>

  What could you call a disposable diaper delivery truck?:  	huggie buggie

  What could you call a minuscule fire?:  	lame flame

  What could you call a news story about protons and electrons?:  	particle article

  What could you call a perspiring abominable snowman?:  	sweaty yeti

  What could you call a recap of your warm weather activities?:  	summery summary

  What could you call a reclusive frog?:  	hermit Kermit

  What could you call a remnant of the fabric your pajamas are made of?:  	a flannel panel

  What could you call a song about green veggies?:  	salad ballad

  What could you call a vanquished feline?:  	smitten kitten

  What could you call an abnormally active venomous snake?:  	hyper viper

  What could you call an amusing play on words?:  	fun pun

  What could you call an article about an educator?:  	teacher feature

  What could you call an azure adhesive?:  	blue glue

  What could you call sturdy slumberwear?:  	mighty nighty

  What could you use to navigate the forest at sugaring time?:  	sap map

  What did Noah use to distinguish his vessel from the others?:  	an ark mark

  What did robbers plan to do in Mendel's garden?:  	seize peas

  What did the chemist call his fluorescent refrigerant?:  	neon freon

  What did the composer call the final bars of the Pepsi jingle?:  	soda coda

  What did the doctor call the febrile youngster?:  	hot tot

  What did the grocer exclaim upon discovering all the breakfast meat had been stolen?:  	Taken bacon!

  What did the manufacturer name its superlative machine gun?:  	Master Blaster

  What did the mason use to clean his tools?:  	trowel towel

  What did the neighbors call the guy who sang while trimming hedges?:  	pruner crooner

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