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  If you do something all over again, it's a ______ ______.
complete repeat<BR><BR>

  What do you have after you've dusted off the front of your TV?
clean screen<BR>

  A chilly swimming area is a _____ _____.
cool pool<BR><BR>

  A chorus of fibbers is a ______ ______.
liar choir<BR><BR>

  A comical hare is a _____ _____.
funny bunny<BR><BR>

  A dish's pal is called a ?
plate mate<BR><BR>

  A dog's haircut is a ________ _________.
mutt cut<BR><BR>

  A fairy tale made up in the dining room is a ______ ______.
table fable<BR>

  A hint that's not false is a ______ ______.
true clue<BR>

  A large tractor-trailer truck is a ______ ______.
big rig<BR>

  A noisy group of people is a _____ _____.
loud crowd<BR>

  After the rain storm, the airplane was a _____ ______.
wet jet

  An R.N.'s handbag is a _____ _____.
nurse purse

  If the price of buckets is reduced, the store is having a ______ ______.
pail sale

  If you drop a bowl of cake mix, you ______ ______.
splatter batter

  My parents' mothers are ______ ______.
Annie's grannies

  The insects at the picnic did an ______ ______ to the music.
ants' dance

  The man's strange-looking facial hair was a ______ ______.
weird beard

  The penny you've used to buy something is a _____ ______.
spent cent

  The visitor's joke was a _____ _____.
guest jest

  What could you call an adorable musical instrument?
cute flute

  What could you call an insane flower?
crazy daisy

  What could you call an obese rodent?
fat rat

  What could you call jam made with garlic?
smelly jelly

  What did Fido say when he stubbed his paw?
Bow Ow!

  What did the kids nickname their happy father?
Glad Dad

  What did the people call the king's tidy wife?
clean queen

  What did the ranger call Bullwinkle when he escaped?
loose moose

  What do call a fishes dare?
wet bet

  What do people call the police chief?
top cop

  What do trout eat off of?
fishes dishes

  What do you call a bald bunny?
bare hare<BR>	bare hare

  What do you call a bear without fur?
bare bear

  What do you call a bear without hair?
bare bear

  What do you call a bonnet for a kitten?
cat hat

  What do you call a bug's trousers?
ant's pants

  What do you call a crying father?
sad dad

  What do you call a dog's kiss?
pooch smooch

  What do you call a drenched dog?
wet pet

  What do you call a fast plane in the rain?
wet jet

  What do you call a feline fight?
cat spat

  What do you call a flower that is slow to grow?
lazy daisy

  What do you call a letter carrier's route?
mail trail

  What do you call a phony cobra?
fake snake

  What do you call a rodent's home?
mouse house

  What do you call a rodent's shirt?
mouse blouse

  What do you call a smelly digit?
stinky pinky<BR><BR>

  What do you call an inexpensive truck?
cheap jeep

  What do you call an injured blouse?
hurt shirt

  What do you call Casper's breakfast?
ghost toast

  What do you call fish laws?
school rules

  What do you call friendly rodents?
nice mice

  What do you call glue in the trash can?
waste paste

  What do you call it when you just inch along?
go slow

  What do you call postal service in a prison?
jail mail

  What do you call something that a bunny does everyday?
rabbit habit

  What do you call the horses that belong to Anthony?
Tony's ponies

  What do you do when you recall the last month of the year?
remember december

  What do you do when you soar above the clouds?
fly high

  What do you do when you telephone a royal?
ring king

  What do you do when you touch a long sea creature?
feel eel

  What does a skeleton use to call someone?
bone phone

  What does Smokey call his train ticket?
bear fare

  What is a banquet for monsters?
beast feast

  What is a crazy flower?
crazy daisy

  What is a song sung by a little insect?
ant chant

  What nickname did the parents give to their mischievous twins?
Double Trouble

  What's an angry father?
mad dad

  What's another name for a doghouse?
hound's grounds<BR>	mutt hut

  What's another name for a giant hog?
big pig

  When felines talk among themselves, they have a _____ _____.
cat chat

  When someone stole some hamburger, the butcher cried, "_____ _____!"
Beef thief!

  When the odors from the sandwich shop became too strong, customers called the place a _____ _____.
smelly deli

  When the whole gang pitches in to serve ice cream, it's a ______ ______.
group scoop

  Where do ghosts swim?
ghoul pool

  Where does a rabbit sit?
hare chair

  Where does Snow White's Doc dock?
at the dwarf wharf

  Where does Steven put his arms?
Steve's sleeves<BR><BR>

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