GigglePEDIA GigglePEDIA provides a huge range of games but some of them can be very addicting. This gallery is collection of some of those games - in hundreds!! They are categorised accordingly in different folders for easy find. Select any game and enjoy. Oh yes, don't forget to increase the volume. Enjoy!!
Addicting Games Mario

Mario (Select a game)

arena (ok)
Bullet Bill
catch the coins
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collect the dots (ok)
duckhunt (real)
flash mario
koopa avalanche
koopasrevenge (ok)
luig (barrel game)
luigi castle on fire
luigi gunner
luigi vlax
luigis revenge
mario (awesome)
mario boat bonanza
mario bounce
mario bros pow (1p or 2p)
mario megaman mix (ok)
mario scene creator
mario town
mario town2
mario world2
mariokarte (ok)
marioRampage (ok)
mariostarcatcher2 (get to the star)
mariosunshine (great)
marworldreviv (great)
rambo bros 2
rambo bros
scene creator
SMFv2 (great)
SMFv3 (awesome)
super bandit bros
super mario bounce
supermario (awesome)
supermarworld (great)
tight ass mario game
time attack (obstical course)
whack a goomba
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