Some meanings in the school (articles) School = Game
GPA = HP/Health Bar
Classwork = Basic, easy enemy
Homework = Basic, tougher enemy
Essays/Projects/etc. = Rare, tough enemy
Quiz = Mini-Boss

Test = Boss
Final Exams = Super tough boss
SATs and ACTs = Ultra-hard, optional bosses
Senior Final Exams = Final Boss
Grade in P.E. = Strength
Grade in Science = Dexterity
Grade in Math = Agility
Grade in English = Intelligence
Grade in Social Studies = Wisdom
Grade in Health = Constitution
Grade in Fine Arts/Foreign Languages = Charisma
Grade Level = Experience Level
Pens/Pencils/Erasers/etc. = Weapons
Scissors/Glue/Calculators/Colored Pencils = Items
Friends = Party Members
Classmates = NPCs, temporary party members, sometimes even enemies
Teachers = NPCs that give out quests and give you tips on how to play the game
Extra Credit and some after-school activities = Side-Quests
Social Events (Sports games, dances and proms) and some after-school activities = Mini-Games
Special Ed. = Easy Mode
Honors and/or Advanced classes = Hard Mode
Getting an F in all classes = GAME OVER