Wicked Math 2

Wicked Math 2 This is a more challenging but interesting mathematical puzzle. What is the value at question mark? Refresh the page if you want, and you will be given a different set. System will clock the time when page is loaded. Good luck!
(If you answer correctly, you can write your name at GigglePEDIA Hall of Giggles!!)

= 10
= 19
= 55

= 38

= 36

= 24

= 30

Here is the matrix for the judgement:

* If you're like Einstein, you should be able to solve it under 30 seconds
* if you're a Immeasurable Genius, in 60 seconds
* if you're a Highest Genius type, in 90 seconds
* if you're High Genius, in 2 minutes
* if you're Very Intelligent, in 2.30 minutes
* if you're Intelligent, in 3 minutes
* if you're a Gifted, in 3 min/30 seconds
* If you're a Above Average, 4 minutes
* if you're a Average, in 4 min and 30 seconds
* if you're a Good Giggler, then in 1 hour

If you type in correct answer below, you would have chance to write your name on a golden electronic stone!
(if is too difficult then take a simple Wicked Math test.)
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